Who Manufactures Field and Stream Kayaks?

who manufatures field and stream kayaks

If you’re looking for a kayak that’s lightweight and easy to carry, consider a Field & Stream. This single seater kayak has cup holders and criss-cross tie-down bungees to keep your belongings secure. Other features include an integrated front console and a removable back storage pod.


Field and Stream kayaks are a popular brand of kayaks and are great for open water activities. These kayaks come in a variety of styles and designs. These kayaks are manufactured by a company that is owned by a private investment group. Their products include single and tandem kayaks, fishing kayaks, oars, paddles, and accessories.

These kayaks are usually lightweight and easy to carry. They are also very stable and durable. These kayaks come with a seat that can be adjusted and have storage compartments for fishing gear and rods. Some of these kayaks are inflatable, making them an affordable alternative for those with limited space. The inflatable kayaks are very lightweight and easy to transport.

If you are looking for a kayak that is easy to maneuver and has plenty of storage space, Field & Stream offers the Shadow Caster 123 Angler Kayak. This kayak is great for fishing and leisure paddling. It also has features such as paddle parks and cold storage.

Field & Stream kayaks are made to be comfortable and sturdy. These kayaks can accommodate up to 500 pounds. A Field & Stream kayak is designed for single use, and has built-in cup holders and tie down bungees to prevent your kayak from tipping over. A Field & Stream kayak also has a hatch for storing your catch.


If you love to explore the outdoors, you will love a Field and Stream kayak. These kayaks are designed for recreational and fishing use and feature a sit-in design with a wide cockpit and plenty of storage. Some models include extras like a camera mount, cord storage, adjustable footrests, and a front console.

The Field and Stream brand of kayaks has many different models and designs. You can choose from single, double, or tandem kayaks. They are extremely stable and are great for open water kayaking. Their brand is owned by a private investment group. They manufacture a range of kayaks for fishing, hunting, and other activities. They also sell paddles, oars, and kayak accessories.

The Field and Stream Eagle Talon 120 sit-on-top kayak is a great option for those who like to sit on the boat and paddle. Its adjustable seat offers a great level of comfort while paddling. The molded-in well for storing tackle boxes and buckets is a great feature, as well. The kayak also has two flush-mount rod holders that help keep the rods secure.

If you’re a beginner, a sit-on kayak is a great choice because they’re easier to get into and less expensive. If you’re looking for a fishing kayak, look for one with good tracking capabilities. You’ll want to select one that’s both short and wide, and one that can turn without tipping over. Field and Stream kayaks are made of aluminum and have excellent paddles.

Shadow Caster

The Shadow Caster company manufactures a variety of kayaks. These kayaks are ideal for leisure and fishing activities. They’re made from composite materials, and they weigh around twenty pounds. These kayaks are also easy to stand in and are adjustable in height. The Shadow Caster kayaks are a great value.

The Shadow Caster 123 Angler Kayak is an excellent choice for recreational paddling and fishing. This kayak features ample storage and stability when standing, making it perfect for fishing as well as leisure paddling. It also features a storage compartment for cold items and a paddle park.

If you’re looking for a field and stream kayak, you’ve come to the right place. Field & Stream makes sit-in kayaks that are perfect for recreational use. The Eagle Talon has a comfortable padded seat, a molded-in well for a tackle box, and two flush-mount rod holders. This kayak also has adjustable footrests.


The Field & Stream Charge Kayak is a versatile, one-person sit-in kayak with adjustable footrests and durable HDPE construction. Available exclusively at Dicks Sporting Goods, this kayak is ideal for recreational use and offers an impressive price tag. Its features include adjustable footrests, an oval rubber storage hatch, and foam seat.

The field and stream kayaks come in a variety of designs and styles. Some of them are perfect for recreational activities and others are designed for serious explorers. For example, the Field & Stream Blade Kayak features a camera mount, front console storage space, and cord storage. It also features a seat back with adjustable adjustment and paddle keepers. You can also find accessories such as a bungee cord storage system and a carrying handle to make the kayak easier to carry.

Field and Stream kayaks are very stable and are ideal for use on open water. They are made by a private investment group and are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. They are available in single and tandem models, as well as kayaks for hunting and fishing.

Eagle Talon

The seat on an Eagle Talon field and stream kayak is designed for quick, stable paddling. It is made of a fabric cover over a foam base, and is adjustable at six points. This setup is fine for calm waters and limited wind speeds, but it is not always safe in more challenging waterways. In some places, the current is strong, or the wind may drag the kayak.

Other features of this kayak include adjustable padded seat, rod holders, and cargo mesh cover. It can support 500 pounds and is lightweight and easy to transport. It also comes with two flush mount rod holders and a leash to keep your gear secure. Its molded design also makes it convenient for carrying tackle boxes and buckets.

Whether you want a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver kayak or one with plenty of storage space, the Shadow Caster 123 Angler Kayak is ideal. The kayak is built with enough stability to stand upright and is great for fishing and leisure paddling. It is also equipped with paddle parks and features a cool storage compartment on the stern.


Blade kayaks are the perfect choice for the outdoorsy adventurer. They are crafted to offer the best in stability and performance. They come with features such as a camera mount, built-in storage, a rear well, bungee cord storage, paddle keepers, and adjustable footrests. The sit-in design also makes them easy to maneuver.

The Field & Stream Blade 80 Kayak is a great kayak for recreational use. It is built with a sit-in design, an adjustable seat back, adjustable footrests, and a storage hatch. This kayak has many amenities and is built right in the USA.

Field and Stream offers several types of kayaks that are suitable for different uses. They offer a wide range of single, tandem, and fishing kayaks. They also offer oars and other kayak accessories. Their selection is wide and is ideal for any water activity. Blade kayaks are great for beginners.

The Field and Stream kayak is perfect for fishing and leisure paddling. It features a tri-hull and a non-slip deck. It is more expensive than long, slim touring kayaks but is a great choice for shallow water.


If you’re looking for a recreational kayak, the Field & Stream Charge Kayak is a great choice. It features a seat with adjustable back support and a molded-in well for a tackle box. It also has a cargo mesh cover, leashes and two flush-mount rod holders.

This kayak is perfect for fishing, as it is equipped with a comfortable back seat, rod holders, a storage compartment, and an open rear well for a 5-gallon bucket. This kayak also features a great paddle for a smooth ride. This kayak is designed for fishing as well as leisure paddling, and it includes features like an inbuilt mesh bag for gear and a storage compartment for a cooler.

This kayak is lightweight, so it is easy to transport and store. It is also easy to sit in, so it is perfect for beginners. It is also inexpensive and easy to use. Field and Steam sells a variety of kayaks, including fishing kayaks, sit-on kayaks, and inflatable kayaks.

These kayaks come with all the features you need for a successful day on the river. They are a great option for beginners and offer more stability than wooden or metal kayaks. In addition, they are much easier to transport, as they can be easily strapped on the top of a vehicle. In addition, most inflatable kayaks are designed to allow you to perform standard kayak functions, including casting a line.