who owns eagle fish finders

Who Owns Eagle Fish Finders?

If you’re looking for a fishing instrument with an affordable price tag, look no further than the Eagle range of fishfinders. They are the cheaper cousin of Lowrance and are packed with the same features. They also don’t cost as much, making them perfect for the beginner who doesn’t want the latest technology. best fish finders on the market

The Eagle fish finder is able to detect fish even at the depth of 800 feet. This is done with a special transducer that can skim over the water’s surface. The transducer also features a temperature sensor to help identify water temperatures. Another feature of an Eagle fish finder is its ability to detect fish at greater speeds than traditional models.

LCD screens are also a common feature on Eagle fish finders. Although most of the screens are grayscale, some of the larger ones have color displays. The largest screen on an Eagle fish finder is five inches in diameter and has a resolution of 640V x 480H.