who sells vibe kayaks

Who Sells Vibe Kayaks?

If you’re considering purchasing a Vibe kayak, you may be wondering who sells these paddles. Well, there are several options available, and this article will highlight a few of the best ones. The company has grown rapidly from a couple of employees in 2014 to 17 today. Their sales last year were $7.1 million, and they are currently expecting to exceed $13 million this year. This is a significant increase from their original $250,000 sales. kayaks for fishing

Vibe kayaks are made of rotomolded plastic, which is a process of filling a mold with plastic powder, heating it to spread the plastic and allowing it to cool. The resulting product is both lightweight and durable, and their low-profile design makes them ideal for rough rivers. The yellowfin model features a rounded day hatch in the deck, and comes in nine-foot, ten-foot, and twelve-foot sizes. The company also offers a 12-foot tandem version.

A Vibe kayak comes with only a few accessories, but many anglers will add their own. Make sure to check a used kayak for any aftermarket accessories, as damaged ones could lead to leaks and other issues. A seat may also be damaged from the use of aftermarket accessories, but it’s easy to replace it with replacement hardware from a local hardware store. Vibe also makes replacement seat covers. These sit-on-top fishing kayaks are a great value and are a great way to explore the water.

The Vibe Yellowfin kayak is similar to an Old Town Predator. The company incorporated a lot of the same ideas as Ocean Kayak. Its top-of-the-line Shearwater comes with a motor and pedal option. Obviously, this is not for the average kayaker, but you can find a few other great options for a lower price. Despite the similarities between Vibe kayaks and Old Town kayaks, Vibe’s Yellowfin is more expensive, while Old Town is more geared to beginners.

The Vibe Yellowfin 110 fishing kayak is another excellent option. It features the perfect combination of stability and speed. This kayak is great for rivers, flat water, and tight quarters. It is also equipped with a rudder system for saving energy during long paddles. It also has a dual-position Vibe Hero seat. Regardless of which style you choose, you’ll be happy you chose Vibe kayaks.