Why Walmart Kayaks Should Not Be Sold at Walmart

why walmart kayaks should not be sold

If you are thinking about buying a kayak, you may be wondering if Walmart is a good place to buy one. You can find a number of brands at Walmart, including Dick’s, L.L. Bean, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. But why should you avoid Walmart kayaks? Here are some reasons. We’ll also discuss some third-party sellers. If you want to buy a kayak online, Walmart has a 90-day return policy, and free shipping.


If you’re a serious paddler, you may want to look at a Costco kayak, because they’re generally made of durable plastic. These models can take plenty of abuse. If they feel spongy, you may want to opt for a more expensive one. Regardless, if you’re just starting out, you can always upgrade your outfitting yourself, which is relatively easy with some glue and foam.

Compared to box stores and sporting goods stores, Costco’s kayak selection isn’t nearly as large. Besides, Costco kayaks are often cheaper, making them a good option for beginning paddlers. Depending on the river level, however, Costco kayaks are best for beginner conditions. It’s best to plan ahead and check the river level first before making a purchase.

Although Costco began selling kayaks in the mid-2010s, you’ll find plenty of good deals at Walmart. You can also check out the clearance catalog and look for major sales during the year. If you’re lucky, Walmart has kayaks available for sale all year round. If you’re looking for a specific brand, the online catalog of Costco is worth looking into. In addition, you can order your kayak online. Just remember that they don’t deliver kayaks to your home.


It’s possible to buy a cheap kayak, but a good place to start is Dick’s Sporting Goods in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. While they don’t sell high-end kayaks, they do sell a variety of recreational kayaks. You can even return them within 60 days if you’re not satisfied. They also offer free in-store pickup, although larger items are often shipped for a higher fee.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a great selection of kayaks, including sit-in-kayaks, sit-on-tops, and inflatables. The sit-inside kayaks, however, are typically much more challenging to get into and exit. Although you’ll be able to enjoy your kayaking trip in these kayaks, they aren’t a good option for those who prefer more enclosed boats.

Although you can buy inexpensive kayaks from general sporting goods stores, you should stay away from kayaks sold at Walmart. Dick’s sporting goods kayaks offer more solid value and performance than those sold at Walmart. You can choose from several models that fit your needs perfectly, from a recreational kayak to a fishing kayak. You’ll be able to enjoy kayak fishing and family fun with no problem.

While you should consider purchasing a new kayak from a retailer, be wary of cheap Dick’s products. Low-priced models often feature basic outfitting. While higher-priced kayaks are usually more comfortable and ergonomic, bare-bones models won’t have these features. Footrests are a critical paddle efficiency feature and often don’t come standard. Make sure the footrests are functional and are free of grit.

L.L. Bean

There are a couple of reasons why L.L. Bean kayaks shouldn’t be sold at Walmart. First, they don’t have comfortable footrests. Second, the L.L. Bean kayaks don’t come with a drain hole. And third, the Lifetime kayaks don’t come with a comfortable foot rest. Luckily, all three of them do have dry-storage compartments. While these compartments are small, they’re incredibly convenient when you need a place to store your gear.

For beginners, L.L. Bean kayaks are expensive and not made for Walmart shoppers. Old Town makes quality L.L. Bean kayaks, such as the L.L. Bean Manatee. These kayaks are very maneuverable, but they’re prone to wind and water. If you’re taller and shorter, you may want to opt for the Lifetime Lancer. Alternatively, if you’re shorter, you can choose the Sundolphin Aruba, which is not quite as maneuverable but has a great price.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

A recent trial conducted by Dick’s Sporting Goods suggests that the retailer should not sell kayaks at Walmart. CEO Ed Stack announced the move on ABC’s Good Morning America. Despite the trial’s success, consumers are still hesitant to purchase kayaks at Walmart. While the retailer has a 60-day return policy and an in-store pickup option, the company charges a high delivery fee for larger items.

While Dick’s offers a wide variety of kayaks, it lacks specialized categories, like whitewater or touring kayaks. However, it does carry some of the best kayaks for kids, so if you’re buying one for your child, you may want to check out the kayak selection. However, keep in mind that Dick’s kayaks are not as cheap as other kayak brands, so be prepared to spend a little more.

While most kayak retailers offer free shipping and an exchange policy, Dick’s kayaks are the best value. They’re made of durable plastic, which means they can sustain some damage, but the shape of the kayak must stay intact. However, if you’re looking for a cheap kayak, you can find inflatable ones on the used market. These are usually cheaper, but their lifespan is limited by punctures or defective valves.

While Walmart sells some decent kayaks, its selection of Dick’s Sporting Goods kayaks is far more diverse. From budget-priced models for kids to expensive kayaks for adults, Dick’s offers a wide range of quality kayaks. While some kayaks may be prone to flexing over time, Dick’s’ models are perfect for recreational kayaking, family fun, and even kayak fishing.

Bass Pro/Cabela’s

While shopping for a new kayak, don’t settle for just any store. Head over to Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s to find a great selection. Both stores offer a 90-day return policy and can beat competitor’s prices by up to 5%. They also have knowledgeable staff that can answer your questions about kayaking and other outdoor gear. If you’re thinking about buying a fishing kayak, head over to Bass Pro and Cabela’s first to see their selection.

While Walmart carries Pelican and some other brand names, they’re more focused on beginner-level kayakers. Look for kayaks that fit your budget and offer the features you need. If your budget is a constraint, try visiting Sportsmans Warehouse or Cabela’s. And don’t forget about Memorial Day, another major holiday that involves outdoor recreation. Those sales generally last a week or more.

If you’re on a budget, Walmart’s kayaks are a great option. However, if you’re a serious paddler, you might want to head over to Bass Pro/Cabela’s instead. They’re known for their high-quality kayaks and paddling gear and typically have a very extensive paddling department. The only problem with Walmart kayaks is that they’re only good for paddling sporadically. You should check your local river conditions and check the weather before you head out on the water.


Why do you think it’s better to buy your kayak from an online store rather than a traditional brick-and-mortar shop? Online retailers, like Amazon, allow you to buy third-party vendors’ products without a question. However, these products may be factory seconds or inferior quality. Hence, you should always check the quality of a product before purchasing it. To find a quality kayak at an affordable price, you should visit online stores or retailers.

Most large retailers carry a wide range of outdoor gear. Online catalogs allow you to compare a wide range of kayak models before making a final decision. Online catalogs also allow you to fully examine the kayaks before purchasing. Most of these retailers ship the kayaks to your doorstep. To make the purchase process easier, you can also request delivery of the kayak to your home. But this option can be expensive.

When shopping for kayaks online, make sure you look for websites that provide the best selection and service. Also, check the return policy, payment options, and average shipping time. We’ve picked a few top kayak sites based on our research. These include Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart. We’ve also included Amazon’s own website as an example. If you’re unsure, check out their reviews.

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