2018 best side imaging fish finders

2018 Best Side Imaging Fish Finders

If you want to catch more fish, you should consider buying a side imaging fish finder. It is more accurate than standard sonar and can locate fish much more precisely. A side imaging fish finder typically displays an image on a split screen with a dark band in the center representing the turbulent water under your boat. best portable fish finders

Side imaging works very similarly to down imaging, but it can also show fish and structure on the side of your boat. The main difference is that the side image is not as wide, so side imaging systems work best at low boat speeds. Many systems also have a blind spot between the side images, so you need to keep that in mind.

The Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 is one of the most affordable side imaging fish finders, and it has a great touchscreen. It is also very accurate in its GPS positioning, and comes with GoFree APP. It is a great overall fish finder, and it is well worth the price.

Side imaging fish finders are also portable and are easy to mount on your boat’s hull or dash. You should also choose a fish finder that is battery-operated to keep it portable. It is best to go for a smaller, portable model if you plan to use it on a kayak. Another option is to mount a fish finder on your boat’s transom. However, be sure to check the hardware and mounts to ensure the device is secure.

The Humminbird Helix 7 is another great side imaging fish finder that comes with high-end imaging technologies. This fish finder is IPX7 water resistant and has Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity. It can scan 125 feet on either side of your boat and displays images on a colored screen. Its software can also identify structures and vegetation.

A Humminbird side imaging fish finder comes with a 4000-watt transducer and can show fish, structure, and objects on the bottom of the water. Its high-quality side imaging capability allows it to go down to 100 feet. It also comes with an alarm and temperature display. The price range of a side imaging fish finder is often between hundreds to thousands of dollars. It can also vary greatly in features, overall quality, and size of the display.

Some of the top-rated side imaging fish finders feature an excellent display. Some of these include GPS and other features that make them ideal for better fishing. For example, many of these models include a built-in GPS, which can help you navigate unfamiliar areas and choose better fishing spots. A color display is also a great feature, and many of them offer an excellent picture.