How to Build a Storage Shed For Kayaks

Before you begin the construction of a kayak storage shed, it is important to lay a strong foundation. A foundation of concrete foundation blocks can be used for larger sheds. You can use four-by-six lumber for vertical posts and metal brackets to attach them to the concrete foundation blocks. Building a foundation A foundation is … Read more

Where Do You Get Kayaks Registered?

There are several different agencies that you can register your kayak with. You can do so with the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the Ohio Division of Parks and Watercraft, or the Massachusetts Division of Parks and Recreation. Getting your kayak registered is simple and will protect your investment. … Read more

How to Store Sit on Kayaks For Winter

When storing sit-on-kayaks for winter, there are a few different methods you can use to keep your kayaks safe. These include hanging straps, Wall-mounted cradles, and a weather-resistant tarp. If you want to have complete control over your kayak storage, you can even build a kayak storage rack yourself. Hanging straps Using hanging straps to … Read more

Where Are Wave Sports Kayaks Made?

When you’re thinking about buying a wave sports kayak, there are many factors to consider. For instance, you want to ensure that the manufacturer you choose is reputable. While some companies might make quality products, others might not. This means that you’ll have to check out several different manufacturers to find the best one. Stellar … Read more

How to Add Mods to Kayaks

There are many kayak modifications you can add to your boat. These may include a fish finder, an outrigger, paddle leash, and fish finder. Regardless of the mods you choose, there are a few things you should know before drilling or adding anything to your kayak. Fish finder A fish finder can make a kayaking … Read more

Who Has Pelican Kayaks?

Pelican kayaks are great for fishing, and they can be found at a low price. Typically, they start at about half the price of retail. However, with the recent shortage of boats, prices have risen significantly. Pelican kayaks can be rigged with rod holders, gear tracks, and live wells, and many models are equipped with … Read more