How Do Foot Pedal Kayaks Work?

There are many pros and cons when choosing a foot pedal kayak. While they are more expensive and less efficient than paddle-driven kayaks, they can also be much safer. The pros and cons of each type of foot pedal kayak are discussed in this article. Read on to find out more. You can choose one … Read more

What to Know About Kayaks

There are a few different types of kayaks. The most popular is the sea kayak, which is narrow and propelled by a double-bladed paddle. The word kayak originated in Greenland, where it is called a qajaq. A sea kayak can be used for several purposes, including camping, fishing, and recreational use. These boats are great … Read more

What Are Lifetime Kayaks Made Of?

If you’re considering buying a lifetime kayak, you should know what materials they’re made of. Some kayaks are made of High-density polyethylene, while others use aluminum shafts for better performance. Some kayaks are designed to be portable and sit-on-top for ease of transportation. Here’s how to choose the best kayak for your needs. And, remember … Read more

How to Carry Kayaks on an SUV

There are several ways to safely and securely carry kayaks on an SUV. Tie-down straps, soft pad roof racks, and removable roof racks are a few options. Outrigger IIs are also an option. Before you buy any of these products, read the manual that came with your vehicle. There are many precautions you should follow … Read more

How Do Inflatable Kayaks Work?

Inflatable kayaks are made of a variety of materials and are often more stable than a traditional kayak. A drop-stitch construction provides maximum stability and a float bag backup is available. Many models feature multiple layers of thickly coated materials. These layers help to keep the kayak stable in practically any water condition. In addition, … Read more