How Much Are Topwater Kayaks?

The price of topwater kayaks is determined by several factors. Old Town offers the Topwater 120 Angler Fishing Kayak, which provides a stable and comfortable stand-up fishing platform. It has an oversized stern tank well, three rod holders, and rod and tackle storage. The boat also features EVA foam deck pads for added comfort and … Read more

What Kind of Plastic is Used in Malabu Kayaks?

Polyethylene is the main material used in making rotationally moulded kayaks. There are several different grades of this plastic, including HDPE (high density), MDPE (medium density) and LDPE, or low density polyethylene. The higher the density, the more molecular bonds are in the plastic, making it more rigid and strong. It also has a greater … Read more

How to Attach Kayaks Side by Side

Attaching two kayaks side by side is easier than you might think. The best way is to use pool noodles. You will need to cut the noodles to the right length for each kayak, and you should have plenty of room to accommodate both kayaks side by side. Using pool noodles also helps to prevent … Read more

Hobie Mirage Compass, 360, and Duo – What Year Does the Mirage Drive Have a Reverse Option For Hobie Kayaks?

If you are in the market for a new kayak, you will want to read this article. You’ll find information about the Hobie Mirage Compass, 360 and Duo. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, this article should help you decide. In addition to Hobie kayaks, you’ll also find information about the … Read more

Where to Place Batteries on a Kayak

The question of where to place batteries on a kayak is an important consideration when constructing an electric boat. It can be a challenge to design a kayak to fit batteries properly. However, this article will provide helpful tips for ensuring that you get the right size and type of battery for your electric boat. … Read more

Different Types of Kayaks

When shopping for kayaks, there are several different styles to choose from. These types include Tandem kayaks, Sit-on-top kayaks, and carbon fiber kayaks. These types are suited for different purposes and can be purchased at kayaking stores or online. Read on to learn more about the different types of kayaks available. When buying kayaks, make … Read more