Where Do I Put in Kayaks in Florida?

There are several places in Florida where you can put in kayaks. In South Lido Beach Park, you can explore the loop trail, Ted Sperling Park, and Robinson Preserve. For more information about these parks, read on. This article also covers Sarasota Bay and Ted Sperling Park. You can also rent kayaks from local vendors. … Read more

Where to Rent Kayaks in Coronado Bay

If you’re looking for a place to rent kayaks in Coronado Bay, there are many options available. Longtime oceanfront outpost Seaforth Boat Rentals offers rentals and guided tours. Bikes & Beyond is another option. There are many other options in the area as well. We’ll cover a few of them in this article. Check out … Read more

Where Are Feel Free Kayaks Made?

There are two main places that Feelfree kayaks are made. One is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, the other is in New Zealand. Both places are famous for their high quality and durability. While there are some differences in materials, both are made from the same basic materials. Most kayaks are … Read more

How Long Do Kayaks Normally Last?

If you’re planning on purchasing a kayak, you’ve probably got a few questions on your mind: how long do kayaks normally last? What material do they use? What effect does the weather have on their durability? What are the main reasons for their depreciation? What is the best way to maintain your kayak so it … Read more

How to Store Kayaks For Winter

Knowing how to store kayaks for winter is crucial to keeping your kayak in top condition. Here are some helpful tips. First, don’t store your kayak near a heat source. The best way to store your kayak is vertically, with the cockpit facing out and the bow up towards the ceiling. When storing your kayak, … Read more

What Kind of Plastic is Used to Make Kayaks?

Depending on the brand and model you’re looking at, you may be asking yourself what kind of plastic is used to make kayaks. Plastic resin must be UV-resistant, strong, tough, and durable. It must also be decal and paint-able. The right resin is formulated and tested for its specific properties, including bulk and surface characteristics. … Read more

How to Haul Two Kayaks on a Nitro

If you’re wondering how to haul two kayaks on your nitro, you’ve come to the right place. There are a few things to remember and a few accessories you’ll want to have on hand. A trucker’s hitch and a truck bed extender will help you load your kayaks onto your vehicle. However, you’ll need to … Read more