Where Do Kayaks Originate From?

The first kayaks were made for hunting, and were perfect for creeping up on animals. Their prey included seals, caribou, and whales. The Inuit people crafted their kayaks by stretching seal skins over a frame and stitching them together. They then soaked them with whale fat to make them waterproof. These kayaks were then used … Read more

Where to Rent Kayaks in Dallas

If you’re looking for a fun place to rent kayaks in Dallas, you’ve come to the right place! White Rock Lake is a great spot to learn how to paddle a kayak. There are nine miles of bike and hiking trails around the lake, and many picnic areas. In addition, you can paddle across the … Read more

What Are Craigney Design Kayaks?

You may be wondering what are curreny design kayaks, and which one is best for you. Then you’ll be glad to know that these kayaks are made to fit the needs of North American touring paddlers. Listed below are their top features and pros and cons. They’re available for in-store pick up or local delivery … Read more

What Do You Call the Racks That Hold Kayaks?

You might be wondering what do you call the racks that hold kayaks. There are several types, including vertical, J-style, Stacker bars, Lumber racks, and Stacker bars for four kayaks. These racks are built to support the weight of your kayaks, and they all have varying levels of protection for your kayaks. Learn more about … Read more

Pelican Premium Kayaks – How Good Are They?

When it comes to purchasing a kayak, Pelican makes reliable and affordable options. In addition to being a trusted brand, Pelican also practices a green manufacturing process. It recycles 99% of its plastic manufacturing waste. Additionally, their factory is designed to heat itself during the winter. Furthermore, the company supports a number of wildlife charities … Read more