How Many People Have Died From Kayak Capsize Accidents?

There are several causes of kayak capsize accidents. These include inexperienced paddlers, poor location, and strainers. However, no matter how careful one is, kayaks are highly susceptible to waves and can capsize. Thankfully, many of these accidents are preventable. Follow these tips to prevent kayak capsizes. Weigh your risk – kayak safety is worth it! … Read more

Where Can I Register My Kayaks in Oregon?

To legally operate your kayak in Oregon, you must first obtain a waterway access permit. This can be purchased for a fee and is mandatory for all watercraft that are over 10 feet long. Waterways access permits are required for both motorized and non-motorized kayaks. They also require the operator to be at least sixteen … Read more

How Whitewater Kayaks Are Made

If you want to know how whitewater kayaks are made, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about Stitch-and-glue construction, Composite material, Double-bladed paddles, and Roto-molding. These techniques will help you choose a kayak that fits your needs and budget. Also learn about the importance of paddle selection. These kayaks will make … Read more

How to Clean Delta Kayaks

Keeping your delta kayak clean is simple. Clean it with a modest soap and water solution. You can also spray it with a UV protectant spray. To protect your delta kayak, you can rig it with decent deck rigging. After cleaning, you can store it indoors, or air dry. But make sure to wipe it … Read more

How Do Two Seater Kayaks Work?

If you’ve never paddled a two seater kayak before, then you may be wondering how they work. These boats are designed so that two people can sit together and paddle in unison. This is the best way to power the kayak forward and avoid paddle clashes. While it may take a little practice to get … Read more

How to Load 2 Kayaks on an SUV

To get the best loading experience, you need to know the proper techniques for loading 2 kayaks on the rack. The following tips will assist you in loading kayaks safely. Stacker bar, Bow line, tying the kayak down, and using a load assist system are just a few of the things you should know. Once … Read more