How to Hang Kayaks From Ceiling

If you have a high ceiling and want to hang your kayaks from it, you can use a pulley system. These systems come with a safety lock mechanism to prevent accidents. Ceiling hoists are designed for up to 12 feet of ceilings. A kayak ceiling hoist set has two ceiling hoists and rubber-coated hooks. Ideally, … Read more

Which Kayaks Can Work With No Paddles?

There are many advantages to paddle kayaks. They are lighter than canoes, which makes them more maneuverable, and are less expensive. This makes them ideal for small lakes, rivers, and shallow waters. Paddle kayaks are also great for families. They are especially good for weedy lakes. If you’re not interested in paddles, you can find … Read more

How to Store Kayaks For Winter

Before storing your kayak, be sure to take some time to prepare it properly. Listed below are the Dos and Don’ts of kayak storage. Preparation is the key to preventing warping and rusting. Equipment is also an important aspect of kayak storage. In addition to preparation, you’ll need to protect your kayak from the elements. … Read more

Where Are Drain Plugs Located on Kayaks?

A kayak’s drain plugs help to prevent water from accumulating on the bottom of the kayak. Too much water in the cockpit makes it heavy to paddle. Water collecting on the bottom of a kayak can also negatively affect its safety and performance. These drain plugs are particularly useful in rougher water, but let very … Read more

What Are Kayaks Made Out of Today?

Depending on where you purchase your kayak, the material used to make it can be anything from Carbon fiber to Polyethylene and Rotomolded plastic. This article will cover the differences between each material and their advantages and disadvantages. Once you’ve decided what kind of material is best for your kayak, you can shop around and … Read more

Where to Find a Hobie Kayak For Sale

When looking for a new Hobie kayak, there are a few different things to consider. Some of the best kayaks are pedal-powered fishing boats, while others are designed with fishing in mind. Whether you’re interested in exploring Blue Cypress Lake or catching marlin, you’ll want to find a kayak that suits your needs. Listed below … Read more

Where Are Future Beach Kayaks Made?

In its quest to create the ultimate fishing craft, Future Beach has taken a different approach to small boat manufacturing. Incorporating space-age laser and ultrasonic inspection, the company is ensuring that its kayaks are crafted to the highest quality standards. The Quantum 124 sit-in angler kayak features a multi-channel hull for increased stability and comfort, … Read more