How Do Kayaks Float on Water?

One common question about kayaks is how are they able to float on water. The answer depends on how they’re constructed. Some kayaks have bulkheads and hatch systems on one end, while others have gear bags and floats on the other. This configuration provides better protection against waves and minimizes spray coming into the paddler’s … Read more

How to Haul Two Kayaks on a Nitro

To safely haul two kayaks on a nitro, you need to learn how to secure each one with a hard-mounted system, blocks, and tie-downs. There are many ways to secure a kayak to a nitro, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The following is a quick guide to help you decide what will work … Read more

How Long Do Kayaks Normally Last?

The lifespan of a kayak can be significantly affected by the materials it is made of. The most common materials are plastic, composite, and aluminum. These materials are also subject to damage from moisture and sunlight. It is essential to clean your kayak after every use, so you should clean it thoroughly after each trip. … Read more

Where Did Kayaks Originate From?

The history of the kayak is about 4000 years old. This is based on oral tradition and archaeological evidence, which indicate that this ancient craft was used by the Inuit and Aleut people of the Arctic region. The invention of this kayak was aided by the elements that were available to the Inuit and Aleut … Read more

Who Has Pelican Kayaks?

Pelican is a leading name in the recreational paddlecraft industry. It produces both sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks, and its wide array of products is affordable and accessible. Its kayaks are known for their high-quality construction, and many of its models are suited for both beginners and seasoned paddlers. Read on to learn more about this … Read more

How Tough Are Kayaks?

There are different types of kayaks. If you are interested in kayaking, you should know that they can be physically and mentally demanding. You must learn to paddle a kayak and coordinate your movements better than with stand-up paddle boarding. If you are looking for a fun, affordable way to enjoy paddling, a kayak may … Read more