Where Are Pelican Kayaks Manufactured?

If you’re wondering where Pelican kayaks are made, you’re not alone. This article will shed light on the company’s proprietary materials, which make these kayaks lightweight, maneuverable, and durable. In addition, you’ll learn why these kayaks are ideal for a variety of activities. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a day on the lake, or paddle … Read more

Where Are Wave Sports Kayaks Made?

If you’re wondering where are Wave Sport kayaks made, look no further. Gaybo Limited is the world’s only manufacturer of Wave Sport kayaks and canoes. The company began by manufacturing the Wave Sport range for the European market but has since grown to be the sole supplier of the brand. Its products have been instrumental … Read more

Where Do You Get Kayaks Registered?

If you own a kayak, it is imperative that you have it registered. There are several steps to get your kayak registered. The first step is to place the registration proof on your kayak. The best place for the registration certificate is on the stern, behind the cockpit, and on the starboard side. When you … Read more

When Are Kayaks Cheaper?

If you are looking for a new kayak, you might be wondering when are kayaks cheaper. Discounted kayaks, off-season sales, and older models may all be available to you. Here are some tips to keep in mind. First of all, make sure you sign up for email notifications from manufacturers. By doing this, you will … Read more

How to Build a Storage Shed For Kayaks

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How to Mount Kayaks on an RV Roof

Before mounting a kayak on your RV roof, make sure you understand its disadvantages. This article will explain the benefits and disadvantages of roof mounts. You will also learn the difference between PVC and wood kayak racks and pool noodles as bow and stern lines. You can use a single ratchet strap to securely strap … Read more

Where to Rent Kayaks on Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent Lodge If you’re thinking of renting kayaks at Lake Crescent, you’ve come to the right place. The log cabin resort on the shore of the lake is the ideal home base for exploring the lake and surrounding wilderness. If you’re not a kayaker, you can rent paddleboards or kayaks at the lodge, and … Read more