Where to Rent Kayaks in Dallas

Whether you want to kayak on the Trinity River or take a lesson from a local instructor, there are a variety of locations in the Dallas area where you can rent kayaks. These include Trinity River Kayak Co. and White Rock Paddle Co., both of which rent kayaks at affordable rates. If you’re looking for … Read more

How to Lock Two Kayaks Together

Locking two kayaks together requires a solid, unyielding anchor point, and this point must be secured in a secure location. The cables should not be easily visible, and the anchor point should be hidden and unreachable. Sit-inside kayaks don’t have scupper holes to loop the cables through. Anchor point must be unyielding and permanent If … Read more

What Are Kayaks Young Driver Rates?

You may be wondering: what are Kayaks young driver rates? There are several factors that determine car rental prices, so it’s important to be flexible with pick-up and drop-off locations. You may also want to consider alternative transportation, especially if you plan to rent a car at an airport. Kayak shows you the final price … Read more

How to Make a Kayak Unflippable

If you’re thinking about making a kayak unflippable, there are many ways you can do it. These tips include making the kayak’s bottom flat and adding water bottles. Water bottles are a great way to make the kayak’s buoyancy customized to your personal preferences. You can use rope or Gorilla tape to attach them to … Read more

How to Tie 2 Kayaks on a Car

If you plan on tying more than two kayaks to your vehicle, use a saddle system instead of one strap. This allows you to lay the boats side-by-side without tying them together. It’s also important to ensure that the strap buckle rests on the top edge of the boat. Avoid tying two or more kayaks … Read more

Who Manufactures Field and Stream Kayaks?

If you’re looking for a kayak that’s lightweight and easy to carry, consider a Field & Stream. This single seater kayak has cup holders and criss-cross tie-down bungees to keep your belongings secure. Other features include an integrated front console and a removable back storage pod. Field Field and Stream kayaks are a popular brand … Read more

What Are the Other Two Hole on Kayaks For?

There are two main functions of the Scupper hole on kayaks. First, it improves buoyancy. Second, it helps rescuers pull you out if your kayak sinks. Third, it prevents water from entering the cockpit and helps the bilge pump operate. This is a commonly misunderstood feature, and one that can be easily overlooked. Scupper holes … Read more

Where Do Kayaks Originate From?

When you talk about kayaks, you might think that they are mostly sea kayaks, but you may be surprised to know that many modern kayaks trace their roots to native boats in the arctic regions of Alaska, northern Canada and Southwest Greenland. Wooden kayaks were the primary material used in these regions, and they continued … Read more