How to Carry Kayaks on Your SUV

If you are planning to carry a kayak in your SUV, you need to find a suitable way to attach it to the vehicle. A solid point should be strategically placed and strong enough to pull the kayak forwards and down. Ideally, you should attach metal D-rings that are welded into the frame of the … Read more

How to Attach Kayaks Side by Side

There are several ways to attach kayaks side by side. Some of these ways include using Stacker bars, J-cradles, or foam blocks. Another option is using bow and stern lines. In either case, it is important to use a secure attachment point between the kayaks. Stacker bars Stacker bars for attaching kayaks to a vehicle … Read more

Where Are Feel Free Kayaks Made?

Feelfree kayaks are made using eco-friendly and recyclable materials. They are UV protected and feature a hull design that provides structural support and makes entry into kayaking easier than ever before. They also feature rocker and a chine that improve tracking and secondary stability. This combination of features makes them a great choice for beginners … Read more

How Do Inflatable Kayaks Work?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing an inflatable kayak. These factors include inflation chambers, float bag systems, stability in all water conditions, and cost. This article will provide you with the basics to help you make the best decision. It will also answer your questions about what features to look for. Inflation chambers … Read more

Slang Terms For Someone Who Kayaks

There are several common slang terms for people who kayak. These terms range from “huck” to “lean upstream.” They can also refer to a yard sale, a party, or a river that is “class fun.” The term ‘class fun’ refers to a fun river where you can boogie in the deep, big waves. Another slang … Read more