How to Hang Kayaks From Ceiling

If you want to hang your kayak on the ceiling, you should follow a few basic guidelines. First, you should have tie-down straps for the kayak. These can be found in many hardware stores or online. They should be positioned near the bulkheads so you can easily access the interior. Suspension system If you are … Read more

What Are Kayaks Made Out Of Today?

The earliest kayaks were made of Eskimo skin, and were used for hunting. Then, the craft was developed in Europe. Today, they are made out of lightweight and maneuverable materials. Among the many materials used to construct them, these materials include Carbon fiber, Kevlar, and Composites. Polyethylene Polyethylene is a polymer that is made to … Read more

How Do Kayaks Float on Water?

There are a few reasons that kayaks float on water. For one, they have a buoyant force that makes it easy to change direction quickly. Another reason that kayaks float is due to their shape. This allows the kayaker to control their direction and speed. Floating kayaks require buoyant force Floating kayaks require buoyant force … Read more

How to Carry Your Bike on Kayaks Racks

There are several different methods for carrying your bike on kayaks racks. These methods include tie down straps, Stacker bars, and Quick loop straps. In addition to these methods, there are also several types of racks that are specially designed for kayaks. Listed below are some common types of racks. Tie down straps If you … Read more

Where Are Drain Plugs on Kayaks?

If you’re a new kayak owner, one of the first questions you’ll have is, “Where are the drain plugs on kayaks?” In a sit-on-top kayak, a drain plug will be at the rear. This allows you to remove any water when you return to shore. It’s also an excellent way to drain water efficiently and … Read more

Repairing Old Town Kayaks

Old Town kayaks are made of polyethylene, either single or triple layer, which is a very resilient material. It can withstand repeated scrapes and bumps. The material is also repairable. Scratches on polyethylene hulls can usually be repaired by welding new material. If you are not able to do this, Old Town can provide you … Read more

How to Haul Two Kayaks on a Nitro

One of the best ways to haul two kayaks on a Nitro is to use a stacker bar. Stacker bars are made specifically for carrying two kayaks and are lighter than the kayaks. They can be used with both kayaks and touring boats. These can be a great option if you don’t have the space … Read more

Why Do Some Kayaks Have Two Bows?

Some kayaks have two bows to allow paddlers to turn the kayak. These kayaks also have a rudder line that enables the paddler to raise and lower the rudder blade. This line is connected to a cleat behind the paddler. It is also connected to cables on the inside of the kayak that can be … Read more