How Much Are Pelican Kayaks Worth?

Pelican kayaks are an excellent entry-level kayak, but if you are serious about paddleboarding, you should look for a more expensive one. Despite the low price, cheaper Pelican kayaks are usually outfitted with substandard materials. However, if you have a bit of DIY time and glue handy, you can improve the kayak outfitting yourself. Pelican … Read more

How to Clean Delta Kayaks

To maintain the beauty and longevity of your delta kayak, follow these simple steps. Avoid storing your delta kayak in a damp location. Dampness will lead to mildew growth. To prevent this, use a moderate solution of bleach and water to clean your craft. When working with bleach, it is important to wear rubber gloves. … Read more

Which Kayaks Are Rotomolded?

If you want a kayak that’s sturdy and fast, you may be wondering which are rotomolded. This article will explore the hull construction of rotomolded polyethylene kayaks, and which are made of other materials. It will also help you make a decision as to what kind of kayak you want to buy. rotomolded polyethylene Rotomolded … Read more

How Kayaks Change in Price

If you are looking for a kayak, there are many factors that will affect its price. These include Supply and Demand, Style and Accessories, and Size. Read on to find out more about these factors. In addition to determining price, you should also consider the material used to build your kayak. The more expensive the … Read more

How to Anchor Kayaks Down

The first step to anchoring your kayak is to secure the kayak chain to the anchor pole with a dive reel or karabiner. The chain should be thick enough to securely hold the kayak in place. For this purpose, 1.5mm or 2mm cord will work well. These cords cut through water with little resistance and … Read more