How Kayaks Change in Price

The price of kayaks varies depending on the rocker, the material, the size, and taxes. You can learn how these factors affect the price of kayaks and paddleboards. The price of kayaks and paddleboards can be affected by the Zika virus. The disease has disrupted the supply chain for water sports and sporting goods, causing … Read more

How Whitewater Kayaks Are Made

There are several ways to build a whitewater kayak. These include Roto-molding, stitch-and-glue, and composite material. Some types are even double-bladed. The process varies with the materials used and skill level of the builder. The materials and techniques used will affect the final cost of the kayak. Roto-molding Roto-moulding is a process that allows for … Read more

How to Anchor Kayaks Down

If you’re not sure how to anchor your kayak down properly, there are several options you can use. There are Stake out poles and quick release anchoring systems, and you can also use a Daisy chain. However, you should know that these options will not always work for you. In most cases, it is best … Read more

Which Kayaks Are Rotomolded?

There are several different types of kayaks available. For example, you can choose from a Folding kayak, an Inflatable kayak, or a NuCanoe kayak. Each of these types of kayaks has different strengths and weights. You can also choose between different materials, such as foam and fiberglass. Whether you’re looking for a fast kayak or … Read more

How Do Two Seater Kayaks Work?

If you are looking for an all-in-one kayak that will accommodate two people, you have a few different options. Depending on your needs, you may find that a two seater kayak offers you some key advantages. These advantages include less storage space, more stability, and a lower chance of capsizing. Two seater kayaks also allow … Read more