54481 fish finders

Fish Finders – 54481 Fish Finders

Fish finders are versatile tools for both open water and ice fishing. They can display sonar signals in the same way they do on a flasher, and are equipped with an ice transducer that is designed to withstand subzero temperatures. In addition, they have a special floating device that helps position the transducer downward and vertically in the ice hole. Most of the top models have features that virtually eliminate lag time in the sonar display. As a result, they are almost real-time, unlike open-water fish finders, which generally have a slight lag time. fish finders for canoes

Fish finders can also help ice fishermen find out where to find the best fishing spots. Some have built-in GPS and mapping capabilities, which can be useful in finding the best ice fishing locations. These units are also more energy-efficient than traditional transducers, and their batteries last much longer than a transducer.