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Fish Finders With Side Scan

Fish finders with side scan are a great choice for anglers who enjoy fishing from the shore. They provide a better point of view than down imaging, which can lead to clearer images. However, they are not as effective in deep water as their down scan cousins, so they are best used for shallow water. In addition, side imaging fish finders are better for rivers than lakes, because they can scan both sides of a river without going up and down. how to read humminbird fish finders

For a budget-friendly side scan option, the Striker Vivid 7sv features GPS functionality and Quickdraw Contours mapping. The Striker Vivid 7sv costs less than $700 and comes with a high-resolution screen. Its controls are easy to use, even under bright sunlight.

The HOOK Reveal 7 features side imaging, but other models lack it. The Garmin Striker Vivid 7sv is another good choice for under $500. It also offers a wide range of sonar technologies, including CHIRP and 2D traditional sonar. It also offers side imaging, which Garmin calls SideVu and DownVu.

Side imaging can show you fish up to 300 feet away from your boat. It will also show rock piles and brush piles. If you’re fishing from a boat, the images will help you identify which species of fish are below your boat. Often, the fish will appear as white lines or streaks on the screen.

Side scan is a great feature for anglers. It will give you a good view of underwater structure and help you identify fish in a wide variety of conditions. It is also a great way to spot fish hiding in certain areas of the water. The Striker 4 also features a CHIRP transducer that broadcasts at frequencies between 50 kHz and 200 kHz.

The Lowrance Elite FS 7 Active Imaging 3-in-1 Fish Finder has a good feature set, but its usability can be tricky. It has a side scan feature that lets you watch fish swim in front of your boat live and see their reaction to your bait. In addition, this fish finder has an ActiveTarget Live Sonar that allows you to see where they are reacting to your bait.

Lowrance HDS 300 has a 300-foot range and side scan range. It comes with mounting hardware to easily attach to a trolling motor. This side imaging fish finder has excellent sonar features, including DualBeam Plus, CHIRP, and Down. Its side scan capability gives you crystal clear images of fish. It can also show depth changes.

The Simrad HDS Live 12 is another excellent fish finder with side scan. It has an outstanding display, large touch screen, and keypad, plus it comes with a side-imaging transducer and CHIRP sonar technology. Its range also exceeds the Solix 12.