bass pro fish finders in store

Bass Pro Fish Finders

Bass Pro fish finders are designed to give you the edge on the water. These powerful devices feature HD displays that show fish in vivid color. They also come with foldable transducers, trollable capabilities, and boat mounting capabilities. The VirtuView(tm) feature is especially useful for photographers, because it lets you view instantaneous fish movement. side view fish finders

Lowrance, Humminbird, and Garmin are the industry leaders for sonar technology, and Bass Pro Shops has them all. Lowrance is the leader in 2-D Sonar, which was revolutionary for its time. This technology continues to be useful for anglers who fish below and vertically. It is also available at affordable price points. This technology is the best way to locate fish. Choosing the right depth and sensitivity settings can help you catch the perfect fish.