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Fish Finders That Use Sonar

Fish finders that use sonar can identify fish and other objects by sending out sound waves into the water. These sound waves bounce off objects and surfaces to form images, which are then displayed. These images give a detailed picture of the fish and other objects. Then you can zoom in on them or mark their location. fish finders for sale

Most fish finders are able to detect fish as small as a quarter-inch, but some models are capable of much deeper depths. They use dual transducers, or separate transducers that operate at different frequencies. The dual-frequency mode provides flexibility and customizability. Fish finders that use dual-frequency systems have the ability to operate at different frequencies, so you can choose the frequency that is best for your fishing needs.

If you have a mid-sized boat and want to fish from multiple locations, a combination fishfinder/chartplotter might be a great choice. These systems have a separate display for the fish, but can still be used to navigate to your fishing grounds. Some chartplotters can also be converted into combo units by installing a “black box” sounder module.