finders level 26 big fish games

Big Fish Games – Finders Level 26

During the game, big fishes will appear in the water as bubbles. You can help other players to catch big fish by giving them help. Once you have caught the big fish, you will receive a message in your chatbox. However, if you have already assisted 6 other players to catch big fish, you won’t be able to help them anymore. Only the first six big fish assists are rewarded. portable fish finders for kayaks

To fix the PHOENIX FIGURINE, you will need a BOLT, WINDING KEY, and YUORI SCEPTER. Once you have these three, you will be able to go back to the Constellation Garden and unlock the book. Once you have the YUORI SCEPTER, you can use the GEARS to unlock the book and return to Yuori’s house.

You can also try competing against other players. A competition can last until the last minute of the game. The winner is then placed on the podium and can stay there until the next game. The winner gets a medal and a reward token. The score is based on several factors including the number of big fish and perfect tackle combinations. A player can see a breakdown of his score on the scoreboard at the end of the competition.

There are new features in the game. You can now use the Ratings button in the lobby before competitions. This will help you plan your strategy. You can also fish in different habitats to improve your catch rate. The status panel will also let you know what kind of tackle you’re using.