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Surf Fishing With a Fish Finder Rig

One of the most important aspects of a fish finder rig is the hook. Circle hooks work best for these rigs because of the free hook movement they allow. These hooks are easy on the mouth and work best with live bait. Larger baits, or lures, won’t work as well with a circle hook. Choose the right hook size for the bait you plan to use. The size is measured from the eye of the hook to the point of the hook. pedal fishing kayaks

A good weight for the sinker is about three to four ounces, but larger weights are better for strong currents. If you are not sure of the weight, you can always experiment with the weight until you find the right one. In addition to pyramid sinkers, you can buy slider sinkers and a sleeve to attach them. Slider beads are also a good idea because they protect the knot that connects the leader to the main line.

Another feature of a fish finder rig is its ability to eliminate many of the problems associated with rigging. It incorporates a few items and cuts through the water better. This is important if you plan to fish in choppy or rough water. While choppy water makes fishing harder, large game fish like these conditions and often prefer the roughest conditions. Smaller fish, on the other hand, tend to hide away from predators in these conditions, which makes them easier to catch.

For the most effective use of a Fish Finder Rig, use cut bait. Most coastal Walmarts sell cut baits, but a tackle shop may have fresh mullet or bunker. Live bait is not as effective since it will lose its liveliness if bottom bouncing kills it. Cut the bait into pieces before you throw it into the ocean – this will release its scents and help you catch more fish!

A fish finder rig allows you to cast your bait more naturally. Its shock leaders and rings allow you to use a thin main line and sinker with a little extra strength. They also keep the sinker from snapping. The fish finder rig also allows the weight to move freely, which makes it more appealing to the fish. And because the rig has many advantages, a fish finder rig is an essential tool for a successful surf fishing trip.

Fish finder rigs typically consist of a 5/0 Circle Hook, 18” Steel Leader, 8MM Red Bead, 6 Oz. Pyramid Sinker, and swivel. The leader is what ties the rig together and prevents the fishing line from twisting. The swivel is also a crucial component of a fish finder rig. Unlike a standard leader, a leader is more flexible, allowing the bait to cover more ground in the surf zone.

Once you have a fish finder rig that fits your needs, you can go about rigging your bait. A fish finder rig is extremely easy to assemble, and is effective in catching fish that would otherwise be elusive. Once you have it rigged, you simply need to wait until you see activity. Once you’ve felt a bite, bring down the tip of the rod to allow the fish to commit.