fish finders for wilderness systems tarpon 130x

Fish Finders For Tarpon 130X Kayaks

If you want to add a fish finder to your kayak, Wilderness Systems makes the Tarpon 130X and A.T.A.K. 120 compatible. The fish finder install kit integrates the electronics and lithium battery into a large rectangular scupper that also acts as a mounting base. It also includes a thru-hull wiring kit and a SlideTrax(tm) lid. livescope fish finders

The Tarpon 130X keeps the great handling features of its predecessor, with some new features. The AirPro Lite seat gives it a smoother ride and steals some performance in exchange for comfort. Other features include Helix motor, deck storage, and gear tracks. These features make for a comfortable and productive day on the water. The Tarpon 130X has a lot to offer and is sure to help you catch fish.