fish finders garmin transducer mounting bracket 010-10249-00

Garmin Transducer Mounting Bracket For STRIKER 4 Fish Finders

There are a few ways to mount your Garmin transducer on your fish finder. First, remove the splash skirt from your unit. Then, cut off the excess sanding disc and use cutters to remove it. Finally, install the transducer on the mount. Your fish finder will look better than ever! Once the transducer is installed, you can use your new unit to catch more fish! hummingbird fish finders

Garmin offers many marine surplus items and boat parts, including transducers. The 010-10249-00 mounting bracket comes with the transducer. It also comes with the transducer itself, as well as instructions for installing it. Aside from the mounting bracket, this transducer also has depth and temperature measurements. It has an operating frequency of 200kHz and dual beam width of 45/15 degrees.

The mounting bracket is made of high-quality materials, and is designed to fit Garmin fish finders. It is compatible with all Garmin transducers and requires only a single transducer adapter cable. It will mount your transducer without any problems. The mounting bracket is easy to install and comes with complete instructions for a secure fit. It’s easy to install and will add to your transducer’s accuracy and reliability.

The STRIKER 4 fishfinder has an easy-to-use menu and a dedicated button for adjusting the range and zoom. Whether you’re fishing in shallow or deep water, the dual-beam transducer will give you the best results. In addition, the CHIRP transducer and the tilt/swivel mount come with the unit.