garmin 741xs fish finders

The Garmin 741xs Fish Finders Review

The Garmin 741xs is a versatile fish finder with many features. Its super-bright screen is easy to read and its built-in sonar is powerful, but it lacks the built-in transducer you’d expect. This fish finder is the successor to the 740s, and it’s even better than its predecessor. For those who fish in open waters or want to capture the action, the 741xs is a solid option. lowrance fish finders for sale

The 741xs is very expandable. You can hook it up to a Garmin radar for extra capabilities. Using it with a chart overlay is also an option. It’s a great choice for small boats and is compatible with Nema 2000 networks. If you need more functionality for your fishing trip, the GPSMAP 741xs can be used standalone or as part of a larger networked navigation system.

Another important feature of the Garmin 741xs is its touchscreen. It’s bright enough to read in sunlight, but it’s not as sensitive as traditional chartplotters. Also, touchscreens tend to attract fingerprints. They’re also more difficult to scroll, zoom, and navigate than standard chartplotters. However, the ruggedness and waterproof design of the touchscreen interface earned the company’s respect. It has been updated with Lighthouse firmware to make it compatible with Android devices.

Another great feature is the 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver. This means that the location on screen is displayed consistently and fluidly. In addition to this, the 741xs is compatible with a wide range of Garmin transducers, including ClearVu scanning sonar, CHIRP, and others. Adding to that, it features the option to overlay weather and time of day, allowing you to monitor weather while on the water.

Another benefit to the Garmin 741xs fish finder is its wireless capabilities. It can communicate with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Some fish finders can be mounted anywhere and don’t require a cable path. Moreover, some manufacturers have developed their own proprietary apps that allow you to use the device with your phone. This way, you can see the results on your phone and control it directly with the app.

The Garmin 741xs can be paired with compatible handheld devices, and you can easily transfer data between them. The company’s free BlueChart Mobile app is also useful to transfer data from other devices. Moreover, you can easily transfer your marine routes with this app, even if you don’t own a Garmin 741XS. You can also transfer your maps to compatible Garmin chartplotters and vice versa.