gifts for someone who kayaks

Gifts For Someone Who Kayaks

If you know someone who loves to kayak but don’t know what to get them, there are a few gifts that would fit the bill perfectly. The Pacific Northwest is home to beautiful waters and diverse wildlife, making kayaking a year-round sport. With the right equipment, kayakers can paddle year-round without a break in the weather. New kayak gear is always in style, and there are plenty of great gifts under $30 to choose from. Fishing Kayaks

If you want to give a gift that will really impress your kayaker, consider a wetsuit. While you don’t need a wetsuit for kayaking in calm waters, a wetsuit is required when you go whitewater kayaking. A wetsuit is a waterproof jacket that protects you from the cold and warm weather while still allowing you to paddle comfortably. Several different types of wetsuits are available.

If you know someone who kayaks, you might want to consider a survival bracelet watch. Not waterproof, but still waterproof, this survival bracelet watch includes a compass, whistle, thermometer, fire starter, and other essential items. It is made of durable 7-strand 550-lb parachute cord for extra durability. Purchasing one of these watches can make sure that your kayaking buddy remains safe in an emergency.

Paddle grips are another great gift for your kayaking friend. These small pieces of equipment will add comfort to paddling and improve your kayaker’s performance. Try Yakgrips Paddle Grips – adjustable, washable, and in nine vibrant colors – they’ll surely enjoy their new paddlers’ gear! It’s not only a great gift, but it’s also great for the wallet.

A rescue rope is another must-have item. If your kayaking buddy likes fishing, you can give them a rescue rope. This accessory is compact and can be thrown into the water if your kayak gets in trouble. It also features an adjustable velcro cinch loop and internal bungee. It also features high-visibility nylon webbing on the exterior. For added safety, you can give them a life jacket or a kayaking vest.

A great book for kayaking enthusiasts is Recreational Kayaking by Ken Whiting. This book features everything you need to know about paddling, including equipment, strokes, maneuvers, and capsize recovery. It even features a paddler’s first aid guide for simple emergencies. It also includes hundreds of beautiful photos to inspire you and inspire your kayaking friend. It also makes for a great coffee table book! There are so many wonderful kayaking gifts that will make someone’s kayaking trip an unforgettable experience.