how pros have their bow twin fish finders setup

How Bow Twin Fish Finders Are Mounted

There are a couple of ways to mount your bow twin fish finder. You can either mount it directly in the dash or mount it on a gimbal. The best fish finders come with mounting hardware and adapters. Some also let you mount them on a gimbal, giving you more flexibility. fish finders for pontoon boats

RAM mounts offer versatility and are a great option for boats with limited space. They can be mounted directly to the transom or near the console. There are also pedestal mounts that raise the unit up a little. Some RAM mounts also have tilt and swivel features.

If you’re buying a new bow twin fish finder, it’s important to choose a mount that is mounted where you’ll be paddling or driving. Make sure that it’s close to the controls on your steering wheel or trolling motor. Similarly, if you’re on a center console boat with an outboard, you’ll want to mount your finder near the steering wheel.