how to get fish in finders keepers roblox

How to Get Fish in Finders Keepers

Fish are a resource in Finders Keepers, and they are a primary way to collect items. They can be obtained from certain zones, which can be sold to Agnard in The Neighborhood, or used as quest items. In addition, there are some rare species of fish that are not available to buy in the market. These fish are only found occasionally and are generally kept as collector’s items. best cheap fish finders

The first step in fishing is to click near the fish. Make sure you click only when the exclamation mark appears, as clicking too early or too late will cause the fish to escape. When the fish reaches the hook, it will swim around a bit and then jump towards you as a pickable item. Once the fish has been caught, the hook will retract back into the rod and you’ll be awarded experience points!