how to keep mice out of kayaks

How to Keep Mice Out of Kayaks

If you want to keep mice out of your kayak, you need to know how to deter them. Mice can cause severe damage to your watercraft. They can chew through seats, create holes in the wood, and leave droppings. You can deter mice by using steel wool and aluminum foil. You can place these objects near your trailer and set them in a strategic location. If the rodents still manage to get in, you should consider purchasing a mouse trap. fishing pedal kayaks

Mice love water and often make their home in boats. They will chew through wires and shred softer materials like vinyl. Their urine and defecation can also create a messy environment. Mice will also urinate and defecate in your kayak, so you need to prevent them from entering. Keep mice out of your kayak by securing the cover, as well as storing it indoors.

Adding moth balls to your kayak can also be a great way to deter mice. These balls have an offensive scent, so they will keep mice away. Place them around the kayak and inside compartments. If you prefer a pleasant smell, you can use dryer sheets or peppermint oil. Moth balls can be a little overpowering, so you should place them inside a small bowl. If moth balls aren’t an option, try using the scent of peppermint oil on cotton balls.

Another method is to cover the kayak with a tarp. This can keep mice out of the kayak, but tarps can trap moisture inside, which makes your kayak smell musty. Another option is to build a shelter, such as a PVC pipe structure. The tent shape is also good because water can drain off the sides. Just remember that mice don’t like warm water, so make sure that your kayak is dry before storing it.

Using durable security cable is another option. Thread a security cable through the sturdy part of the kayak, then secure the other end to a building, fence, or post. That way, no one can get in. This way, no mice can access your kayak and enjoy your outdoor adventures. While mice can’t chew through a kayak’s plastic or fiberglass, they will not be able to get in.

Lastly, if you plan on storing your kayak in your garage, don’t leave it exposed to moisture and cold weather. Mice and other pests can make your kayak a home. This could be a shock to you, especially if you’re on-season! This is why it’s essential to secure your kayak with the right security measures. In addition to the appropriate lock, you also need to lock it.

A good cleaning procedure for your kayak consists of removing debris from the hull. It doesn’t need to be fancy; you can use a mild soap for this purpose. Remember to thoroughly clean the cockpit and nooks and crannies, too. Then, rotate the kayak every month to avoid mice from living in the boat. Using a storage rack will help you store your kayak safely.