How to Mount a Torqeedo 403

which kayaks will a torqeedo 403 fit

To learn more about the Torqeedo 403 you can read this article. You’ll learn about its advantages, power output and RTM Torqeedo-ready kayaks. To get the most out of your Torqeedo, you should know how to mount it. The Torqeedo 403 mount is not reversible, which means that you’ll need a flat surface to install it.

Torqeedo Ultralight 403

Among the lightest outboards on the market, Torqeedo Ultralight 403 A offers reliable performance and an innovative new angler mount. Its lightweight design is also paired with high-tech features from Torqeedo, including GPS, solar charging and the latest lithium battery technology. It’s ideal for a long day on the water! Here are the top features of the Ultralight 403 A.

Compared to paddles, propellers convert energy more efficiently than paddles. Using the Torqeedo Ultralight, a single adult male can produce around 75W of power through their arms. That means the power of the kayak at half power is equivalent to that of two Olympic kayak champions working flat out. For future models, Torqeedo is already developing more powerful, higher-powered versions with 1100W motors.

Aside from its lightweight design, Torqeedo Ultralight 403 kayak models are incredibly efficient. With a length to beam ratio of about 3:1, it can achieve 8kmph (4 knots) without assistance. Torqeedo Ultralight 403 kayaks are equipped with a built-in GPS to calculate the distance traveled at different speeds. When comparing the two Torqeedo Ultralight models, one should consider how useful the motor is for a long trip.

Another advantage of the Torqeedo Ultralight 403 A is its lightweight outboard motor, which is seven kilograms in weight, including battery. The motor does not interfere with your paddling style and provides the right amount of extra push when you need it. This makes it perfect for fishing kayaks. With its customised mounting options, the Ultralight 403 is an excellent choice. Its innovative angler mount is another key feature that makes it a standout amongst kayaks.

RTM Torqeedo ready kayaks

Whether you prefer paddle-powered kayaking or prefer to push the paddles, you can enjoy the same experience in RTM Torqeedo ready kayaks. These lightweight kayaks feature a variety of features such as a stern-mounted Ultralite 403ac or 150 boom throttle mount. Torqeedo kayaks can be used with a variety of popular brands of outboard motors and can be easily adapted to suit your specific needs.

If you prefer to fish with motorized kayaks, you can opt for an RTM FISHINg model with ULTRALIGHT 403 – a motorized paddleboard with an integrated trolling motor. This motorized kayak also provides a comfortable, stable fishing platform. You can purchase accessories such as rod holders and seats. The patented ergonomic design and comfortable seat make these kayaks ideal for families and for long trips.

When deciding on a motorized kayak, take into consideration the seat position. Most anglers are only concerned with seat comfort and flipping over when fishing, but seat position is one of the most important factors in the performance of the motorized kayak. Jeff Little, a Torqeedo representative, says that a good seat position is important for a motorized kayak. It helps balance the weight of the boat, reducing the drag of an overloaded stern. It also helps with bow gear.


The Torqeedo 403 is an electric motor for a kayak that fits over a standard plank. The motor uses a lithium battery and is equipped with a remote throttle and magnetic key connection. Its in-hull wiring is completely waterproof. The motor is also lightweight and has extended rudder cables that work with the Hobie steering system. It is also equipped with an in-built GPS.

This electric outboard can travel up to 20 miles at a moderate speed. It will fit all kayak brands and is lightweight enough to not scare off any fish. It can cover an average distance in one hour at full throttle and eight hours at a relaxed pace. The motor is equipped with an innovative angler mount that prevents the boat from swatting fish. The Torqeedo 403 will fit SUPs and kayaks of all brands.

Power output

The power output of a Torqeedo 403 is a very useful measurement of a boat’s propulsion. Its optimum power output is 400W, whereas an average adult male can generate approximately 75W through their arms. Even at half power, a 403 can surpass the propulsion of two Olympic kayak champions. The propellers of these boats convert energy into propulsion more effectively than paddles can.

The Ultralight 403 AC is the lightest electric outboard motor on the market. It weighs only 24.2 pounds, including the battery. This outboard motor is designed for kayaks, and it features an innovative angler mount, GPS range calculation, and a battery that holds 915 watt hours. You can use it with many different types of kayaks, and it does not limit your paddling performance.

This outboard motor is suitable for smaller boats with a maximum weight of 500 kg. It has a battery capacity of 915 Wh and is suitable for boats with a high weight and a high speed. Its range is 42k, and its built-in GPS allows you to calculate the distance you’ll be able to travel at different speeds. With its powerful motor, a torqeedo 403 will assist your paddling and keep you safe.

The Ultralight 403 AC features a GPS-based range calculator, an on-board computer, and an emergency magnetic kill switch. Its lightweight design allows it to be easily integrated into steering systems and is compatible with solar chargers from 24 to 60V. Its TorqTrac mobile application receives data from the Torqeedo engine and displays important information on a legible screen. Additionally, it shows you information on the map, such as where you’re located.


The Torqeedo 403 A is the lightest outboard on the market, offering reliable performance and high-tech features including a built-in GPS, real-time range display, and solar charging. Its compact design fits on most popular kayaks, but there are also special models for specific needs. Its angler mount includes a tilt and park mechanism for easy boat access and is compatible with the kayak’s steering unit.

The Ultralight 403AC is the most lightweight outboard available, and it comes with an innovative new “Angler” mount that is especially designed for fishing kayaks. It has all the benefits of the popular 403C, including solar charging and the latest lithium battery technology. The tilt and park mechanism makes integration with the steering unit simple, and provides additional advantages such as a secure fixation of the motor in place.

The Torqeedo Ultralight motor series is designed specifically for kayaks. Its design emphasizes light weight and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for long trips. The Torqeedo Ultralight is not cheap, but it is efficient, and can extend a kayak’s range and enhance safety. Even if you’re a novice paddler, you’ll enjoy the freedom that comes with the Torqeedo 403!

The Ultralight 403 C has a GPS receiver and a multifunctional display, which tells you the status of the battery, the range and how much power you’re consuming. The motor also has a safety cutoff, which prevents accidental arm loss due to an accident. A foldable solar panel makes it easy to recharge in remote locations, such as in a kayak. The TorqTrac mobile app allows you to see the speed and range of your kayak, so that you can plan your trip ahead of time. Using the app, you can also share your position with others.

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