How to Tie Down Kayaks in a Truck Bed

If you’re wondering how to tie down kayaks in a truck bed, here are some simple steps you can take. Tie downs for kayaks need to be strong, padded cam locks that run over the top of the kayak. The tighter the tie-downs, the more force it’ll exert on the bow of the kayak, so be careful not to overtighten them! Another alternative is to place a pool noodle under the keel to support it while being transported in the truck bed. best kayaks fishing

Before tying down your kayak, make sure to remove any loose items that may be inside the boat. If the kayak has a rudder or skeg, make sure to cover it with padding. Then, you can place the kayak in the truck bed, using the truck bed ladder if necessary. Then, lower the kayak gently onto the truck bed mat. Make sure the mat covers the entire truck bed.

If you need extra support, you can place a rubber mat in the truck bed for added cushioning. Place the kayak on the bed at an angle so that it does not stick out too much. Make sure the kayak occupies at least 70% of the bed, or less, to prevent it from getting knocked down. Make sure to tie it down securely using a quality rope. Doing this is the best way to secure a kayak in a truck bed.

Before tying down your kayak, you need to figure out how to keep it from dragging across the truck bed. Using lumber racks will allow you to get a large span between the front and rear bars. Another option is to install a saddle system on the rear bars. If you have two or more kayaks, you can use a single crossbar to tie down the two of them. However, if you have more than one kayak, you may have to use two or more racks.

Another method for securing a kayak in a truck bed is by tying it with a cam strap. A cam strap will keep the kayak from hitting the truck bed or wheel tub. The cam straps also play a vital role when importing a kayak. The straps should be long enough to loop through the kayak’s scupper holes and side carry handles. Once secured, tie down the ends to the truck’s anchor points.

If you are using a truck bed to transport a kayak, you should first install a bed extender that extends vertically, staying level with the tailgate. Then, place a crossbar over the cab and rest your kayak on it. You can still use the truck bed for other items, but make sure you have more than one person to load it. If you are carrying kayaks that are more than 11 feet long, you’ll need a rack system.

You can also use a trolley to carry the kayak to the truck bed. To do this, you need to lower the tailgate and lift the kayak to the truck bed. Lower the tailgate, remove any other cargo that won’t fit into the truck bed and place a non-slip rubber bed mat inside. You’ll be glad you did. Just make sure to secure the kayak before driving it to the destination.