How to Transport Four Kayaks on Top of My Equinox

how to transport four kayaks on top of my equinox

When you are ready to transport four kayaks on the top of your SUV, there are a few things you need to consider. First, you will need to tie down each kayak. You should buy multiple lengths of ratchet straps, and make sure that they are sized differently. You can also use ropes to tie the kayaks. You should also ask for help if you aren’t sure how to do it properly.

Stacker bars

Stacker bars allow you to transport up to four kayaks side by side. They’re commonly used with lighter-weight whitewater kayaks, but they can also be used for touring kayaks and recreational kayaks. Place your kayaks in the center of the stacker bar and position a cam strap above the kayak on one of the crossbars.

When you assemble your kayak roof rack, you’ll need horizontal crossbars and parallel crossbars. You can attach the horizontal crossbars using T-connectors. Make sure to leave a gap at the ends of each horizontal crossbar so that you can secure the kayaks with tie-down straps. Use PVC glue at all points for strength, and be sure to allow it to dry completely before attempting to load. You can also add a load assist to the rear window to assist with carrying the kayaks.

A low-tech solution is using a towel or blanket as a rack. You can place the bow of the kayak on the blanket or on the roof rack. Make sure that it’s parallel to the vehicle’s roof, as this will prevent any sagging. Then, use your legs to lift the kayak up. Afterward, gently set the kayak on the rack.

Another option is using a J-style kayak carrier. This method saves space on your roof rack. It also doesn’t fold down. Instead, it elevates the kayak an inch or two above the roof, allowing for more room for other things. These racks have a padded bar to keep the kayaks in place.

The rack is easy to install on a vehicle’s roof. Once assembled, it takes just a few minutes to attach the kayaks to the rack. If you don’t need them, you can fold down the vertical “stacker” arms. This reduces wind drag and helps you load larger items.

Truck bed extender

One of the first steps to successfully transport four kayaks on top of your truck is to install a truck bed extender. These accessories attach to the truck bed’s receiver and provide 4 feet of extra storage. Some of them even have hitch mounts and support spring arms, which makes it easier to reach and load your kayaks.

A truck bed extender provides extra support for your kayaks and makes loading them easier. You can also add a foam pad to the crossbar of the bed extender. If you don’t have a foam pad, you can use a cut pool noodle. This will help prevent the kayaks from slipping out.

Kayaks can be secured with cam straps on the tailgate, but you can also use a rope instead. Just be sure to purchase one that’s water-resistant and won’t stretch. Make sure to tie the rope securely and then check it again after fifteen minutes. Kayak straps can loosen during a drive, so be sure to tighten them as soon as possible.

Besides a truck bed extender, you can also use a kayak ladder rack. Using a kayak ladder rack will decrease the overall length of your kayak set-up. These racks come in a variety of styles and attachment methods, so you can select the right one for your needs.

Truck bed extenders are great options to add extra space to your vehicle. These products are designed to provide maximum carrying versatility and safety. They feature reflective tapes and trim and are easy to install.


To transport four kayaks on top of your equinox, you’ll need to install tie-downs at both the bow and stern of each kayak. These straps will keep your kayaks from moving side to side, backwards, or forwards. They also prevent them from slipping off the roof when the vehicle starts or stops suddenly. Tie-downs can be made from ratchet straps, rope, and trucker’s hitches.

When you’re done with securing the kayaks to the rack, place them in the center of the rack. Make sure that the heaviest section is supported by the rack. Each kayak will have straps that will be wrapped around the crossbars. Be sure to secure these straps to the rack. Use some extra straps to hold the kayaks to the rack and the car. Make sure to secure the straps tightly.

If you don’t have bow and stern tie-downs, buy some. You can purchase them at a sporting goods store or online. Make sure to make sure they have a ratchet or cam buckle to secure your kayaks securely on the car.

When you’re ready to transport four kayaks on top of your equinox, you’ll want to secure the bow and stern lines. You can also purchase kayak carriers, which secure your kayaks to the carrier. These can be used to secure your kayaks and protect them from rolling while you’re driving.

Stacker bars allow you to stack up to four kayaks on top of each other. They’re most often used for whitewater kayaks and lighter kayaks, but they’re also useful for touring and recreational boats. To use stacker bars, stand on the left side of one kayak and grab the edge closest to you with your left hand. Then, reach across your right shoulder and take the other kayak onto your right shoulder. This way, you can get a good balance position and secure the boats safely.

Ratchet straps

When transporting four kayaks on top of an equinox, you can use ratchet straps to secure the kayaks. They will keep the kayaks securely in place throughout the entire journey. Just make sure to check the straps at least once every hour or so, or as needed. A standard strap width is 25mm, but you can get thicker straps, which distribute the pressure better.

If you’re using tie-down straps, be sure to attach them to a sturdier point on your vehicle, such as the hood loop strap. Be sure not to attach them to plastic parts, such as bumpers or fenders. If you have a loose end, tie it off below the ratchet with a knot.

There are a number of different types of roof racks, so you can choose what’s best for your vehicle. A rack with dedicated anchor points is ideal for heavy-duty kayaks, but you can also get a rack that’s compatible with your car.

To prevent any damage to your kayak, be sure to use ratchet straps. They will keep your kayak securely in place while you drive. They should be tight, but not too tight, as too much tension can deform the plastic or fiberglass hulls. Always double-check the straps for tightness and make sure they are hooked up securely to the grab handle.

If you are not comfortable with the straps, you can use rope. But, make sure the rope is waterproof and does not stretch. Another good option is to use the trucker’s hitch to secure the kayaks to your vehicle. Just make sure that you check the straps after 15 minutes of driving to make sure they’re secure.

Integrated lift systems

If you’re planning on transporting four kayaks, an integrated lift system can make the process of transporting the kayaks much easier. These systems have an integrated platform that lifts your kayaks up onto the roof of your vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer of the roof rack, the system may come with a tie-down system. If not, you’ll need to use boating rope or tie-down straps to secure your kayak to the rack. To prevent accidents, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly and follow all instructions carefully before loading the kayaks onto the rack.

Some of the integrated lift systems also have a tailgate that can be lowered and extended so you can place the kayaks over the tailgate with ease. Another option is to install a rack with wheels that slide up and down the roof. Once installed, you’ll find that this system is not only functional, but also affordable.