humminbird 3d wide view fish finder

Humminbird 3D Wide View Fish Finder

The Humminbird 3D Wide View Fish Finder has a number of great features. It has an ID button that helps you distinguish between fish and brush or structure. The fish symbol appears when ID is active, and it also turns on “strings” that attach the fish to the bottom. It’s difficult to tell where a fish is in the view if it’s floating, but ID strings make it easier. motorized fishing kayaks

The Humminbird 859ci HD DI Combo Fishfinder 409140-1’s user manual is available online. This manual describes basic functions and advanced features. The manual also includes troubleshooting procedures. You can also download the manual from Humminbird’s website. If you have any questions or concerns, you can send an email. Alternatively, you can also call customer service. They will be happy to help.

The Humminbird 3D Wide View Fish Finder comes with everything you need to install it and operate it. However, there are situations in which the transducer must be installed differently. This can happen if your boat has wood or metal hulls. In such cases, you can purchase alternate transducers that fit the model you have. You may need to replace the standard transducer with a different model. Some of these may cost extra.

In 2D, the humminbird 3D Wide View operates just like a normal depth sounder. However, thanks to its six beams, it covers a much larger area than ordinary depth sounders. You can also switch back to 3D view by pressing the VIEW button again. Aside from a 3-D display, the Humminbird 3D Wide View Fish Finder has several useful features.