hummingbird fish finders 698ci

Humminbird Fish Finders 698ci HD SI Combo

The Humminbird 698ci HD SI is a high-end fish finder that offers superior accuracy and high-definition resolution. It also boasts a brilliant 640V x 480H display with a five-inch backlit touchscreen. It also offers Down Imaging and Side Imaging sonar, along with precision GPS chartplotting and built-in Humminbird UniMap cartography. It is also equipped with three programmable preset buttons and a Tilt & Swivel Quick Disconnect mounting system. lowrance portable fish finders

The Humminbird 698ci HD SI Combo Fishfinder has dual sonar technology, which is effective at locating fish. It can also use SwitchFire to provide versatile coverage and accurate depth readings. It can also provide a 180-degree view of side objects. The side imaging sonar is useful for defining bottom contours and fish-attracting structures.

The 698ci also features a SD card slot for storing sonar recordings and advanced cartography. It is also IP67-rated and waterproof down to 3.3′ for 30 minutes. Its mount is tilt and swivel, allowing you to adjust its position and angle. It also comes with a Quick Disconnect mounting system that allows users to quickly remove the device from the boat.

The Humminbird 698ci HD SI Combo is the most advanced fish finder in the new Humminbird 600 series. It replaces the 798ci HD SI Combo and 597ci HD DI Combo, offering superior accuracy and convenience. The screen is large and easy to read, and the display is also backlit and has an excellent color display.

Another option is the Sonar Zoom View. This feature enables users to view the depth of fish from the bottom of a lake or river. This mode allows anglers to see the fish in a variety of different settings, and is particularly helpful when fishing in shallow water.

The fish finder also has a navaids function that displays a map in a bird’s eye view. This function requires pressing the RIGHT Cursor key to activate it. The next step involves choosing the appropriate options on the screen. Once you have selected a location, you can easily move the cursor to it.