july 4 sale fish finders

Fish Finders – July 4 Sale

If you are looking for a fish finder that is affordable but still provides you with the best possible data, you should consider the Garmin Striker 4 for its 4.3-inch color display and dual beam sonar. This is a great option for those who aren’t quite ready for the higher-end models, and they also have an optional Dual Beam sonar, which lets you tailor your sonar for the specific type of fish you’re after. Moreover, this unit also features a 5kHz GPS receiver for pinning down your fishing spot. cheap fish finders

Besides offering a great value for money, the Lowrance HF-100 fish finder also has a great viewing angle of 105 degrees. In addition, this unit provides you with depth measurements from 2.6 feet to 131 feet. Its simplicity makes it ideal for use in kayaks and canoes.

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