necky kayaks how to know year made

Necky Kayaks – How to Know Year Made

If you’re a new necky kayak owner, you’re probably wondering how to know when your craft was made. Necky kayaks are among the oldest sea kayak manufacturers in North America. They began making sea kayaks in Abbottsford, British Columbia, in the early 1970s, and eventually moved production to Ocean Kayak in Ferndale, Washington. In 1998, Necky was purchased by Johnson Outdoors, and they have continued to build quality sea kayaks. In addition to their traditional sea kayak models, Necky has expanded to manufacture canoes and kayaks in their Old Town, Maine facility. 2 person fishing kayaks

Old Town is reintroducing the castine line, as well as the Loon series, as a day-touring upgrade. And, as you can see, they’ve made some pretty big changes to their lineup. But before you start thinking about deciding if your new kayak is worth the investment, consider these tips. Here’s what you can expect from your new Necky:

Regardless of where you plan to paddle your kayak, a simple check of its construction can help you choose a boat that fits your needs. While the performance of a kayak varies widely, you should keep your destination in mind before purchasing. Once you know your destination, you’ll be more likely to use it. If you’re unsure about where to purchase your next kayak, it’s important to read reviews online or ask other kayakers.

A serial number will be on the right side of your kayak, just below the seam that separates the hull and deck. The position will vary from boat to boat, but is typically eight to 18 inches forward of the stern. Serial numbers are scribed into the hull to ensure their authenticity. Regardless of the manufacturer, serial numbers can give you valuable information about your kayak. This is especially useful if you plan to buy a kayak used.

In 1978, Mike Neckar and his sons began selling kayaks to larger American companies. The company moved from a chicken coop to a real production facility in Port Coquitlam. In 1982, they came up with the Seafarer design, which is still produced today. The company grew to three employees by the end of the decade, and founder Bob Matuska and wife Mike Neckar formed the other company Aqua-Bound.

The hull and deck of a necky kayak are usually made from different types of fibers. Among these types are those made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Aramid fiber. A kayak with carbon fiber is stronger than a polyethylene kayak and lighter than a composite one. Regardless of their construction method, fiberglass kayaks are able to withstand the forces of water in extreme conditions.