Nigel Dennis – The Man Behind NDK Kayaks

who founded ndk kayaks

Nigel Dennis started making kayaks twenty years ago with the design Romany. Since then, he has developed a variety of sea kayaks. Nigel is a world class expeditioner and a BCU Coach. His kayaks have become the standard by which other sea kayaks are measured. Learn how Nigel founded the company and what makes them so special. NDK kayaks have earned the reputation of being among the best in the world.

Nigel Dennis

Founded in 2005, Nigel Dennis specializes in making high-quality, durable kayaks. The company’s products are popular with paddlers of all levels and abilities. Founded by a sea kayaking enthusiast, Nigel Dennis’ designs were influenced by his own experiences on the British waters. These innovations include an offset day hatch and a keyhole cockpit. The company’s products have been used on countless expeditions worldwide, and cater to a variety of paddlers.

Nigel Dennis Kayaks produce award-winning high-performance sea kayaks. The company’s designs set the bar for other sea kayak manufacturers. The Explorer features a unique keyhole cockpit that provides a firm grip and quick exit. Both the Explorer and the Romany have a sloping rear bulkhead that makes emptying the kayak easy and safe. The company is known for its high-quality products, and the reputation of Nigel Dennis is well-earned.

The founder of Sea Kayaking UK, Nigel Dennis started his sea kayaking adventures in the 1980s in Anglesey, North Wales. He completed the first sea kayak circumnavigation of Great Britain in 1980 with Paul Caffyn. The two men completed the journey in just 65 days. Since then, Nigel Dennis has completed expeditions in Antarctica and Cape Horn, and has inspired sea kayaking around the world.

Romany is the first ndk kayak

Designed by Nigel Dennis, the Romany sea kayak is designed for ease of handling in rough surf and is the first choice of many coaches. The Romany LV is a fast, easy-to-handle kayak, and the Romany Excel is designed to handle larger, taller paddlers and is longer than the LV. Both models are lightweight and easy to maneuver, and are great for beginner and intermediate paddlers.

The hull design is friendly for both experienced and novice paddlers, and it features enough rocker to have fun in any conditions. The hull is straight-running without a skeg, but it is capable of carving in waves and surfing with a little help from a sloping chine. The overall performance of the Romany is good in all conditions, and it is a great addition to any inland sea kayak collection.

The Romany is the first ndk kayak designed by Nigel Dennis. It was named after the Romani/Gypsies people of historically nomadic Europe. Romany Kayaking LLC was formed in the year 2020 and is run as a sole proprietorship. Sam Crowley, the owner, is an American Canoe Association Level 5 Advanced Open Water Instructor Trainer, a Wilderness Medical Associates First Responder, and a certified kayak instructor.

NDK EXPLORER is the most widely used expedition kayak

The NDK EXPLORER is an extremely versatile kayak that has been circumnavigated around the world many times. It features a white water cockpit, offset day hatch, and three compartments. Its bow lifts to empty the boat. Its sleek design makes it easy to handle, and it is extremely maneuverable. It tracks and turns well in difficult conditions.

The NDK Explorer has several major flaws. It is prone to leaking from the skeg houseing, hatch rims, and bulkheads. This makes it an unsuitable choice for serious kayaking. Some owners have complained about severe manufacturing defects and that the company was unresponsive to individual buyers. The company has also received complaints from paddlers in the Northwest, including the Seattle-area.

The Explorer is a stable, boxy kayak with a thin bow and high secondary stability. It is a good choice for new kayakers as it is relatively forgiving in rough conditions. Its 17.5-foot waterline and firm secondary stability makes it a great choice for beginners. There are several reasons why the Explorer is the most popular expedition kayak. While it may be a little too stable for the novice paddler, it will still provide a great adventure.

The Explorer is a comfortable kayak with a keyhole cockpit. The seat is easy to reach and is comfortable for long-legged paddlers. The increased rocker helps the Explorer track better when loaded. It also makes it fast, thanks to its 22-inch beam and a comfortable edge. It is also very maneuverable and has three hatches for storing gear and other gear. The Explorer is also responsive and easy to roll and surf.

NDK EXPLORER is a high-performance expedition kayak with a stable seating position and excellent stability. It can be paddled by a single person or by two, with a second paddler in a backward position. The Triton is also a fast double, which makes it a great option for solo kayakers. It can also be ordered with a rudder or skeg for the weaker paddler.

NDK is the standard by which other sea kayaks are judged

Nigel Dennis kayaks are award-winning seacraft that are the benchmark for all other sea kayaks. Featuring keyhole cockpits, NDK kayaks provide outstanding grip and ease of exit. Both the Explorer and Romany feature a rear bulkhead that slopes up and down, making them easy to empty while paddling. They are renowned for their exceptional comfort.

NDK kayaks are one of the most attractively-looking kayaks on the market. Whether a new or used example, an original is certain to look great. There are hundreds of original nordkapp kayaks floating around in the world, with at least one boat lying on the shore of Easdale for years. NDK kayaks were the only decent sea kayaks on the market in the 1970s, and their reputation remained strong for decades.

The NDK Romany sea kayak is a classic example of British craftsmanship. Its design combines the features of a traditional sea kayak with modern comforts. A keyhole cockpit and rear dayhatch give this model a unique look and feel. Nigel Dennis is the owner and lead designer of NDK kayaks. They are the standard by which other sea kayaks are judged.

NDK kayaks are incredibly popular among paddlers because of their high quality and durability. While there are other sea kayaks on the market, NDK is the gold standard. With countless awards, NDK kayaks are the benchmark for all other sea kayaks. A high-quality NDK kayak is the ultimate way to enjoy the ocean’s best paddling experience.

NDK kayaks are symmetrical and designed to fit a paddler’s body. The bow and stern are both wide, and the narrowest part is halfway between them. The seats are not shown in the illustration, but the locations of the brace points are obvious. They also fit the paddler snugly and are easy to roll. For a more comfortable experience, NDK kayaks are the standard by which other sea kayaks are judged.

NDK is known for its quality and design, and the Epic is no exception. In a sea kayak test, it was found to be a superior choice, and it is the benchmark by which other sea kayaks are compared. The NDK Epic kayak is the perfect example of a high-quality kayak that compares favorably to a traditional hull kayak.

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