opinions on side imaging fish finders

What Are My Opinions on Side Imaging Fish Finders?

If you’re in the market for a new fish finder, you may be wondering what the differences between down imaging and side imaging are. Both methods use sonar pulses to create an image of the sea floor. While down scan has a narrow beam pointed down, side imaging sends a beam out to both sides of the boat. This provides a much more detailed view of the fish and structure below the water. garmin fish finders reviews

Both Garmin and Humminbird offer side imaging fish finders. While the former is much cheaper, the latter offers more advanced features and is more powerful. The Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7 is a good choice if you’re on a budget. It has a nine-inch high-definition screen and dual beam transducer. However, it lacks the ability to upload lake maps.

Most side imaging fish finders are able to detect more fish than standard sonar does. A standard sonar won’t detect a fish unless it is near your boat. Because side imaging sonar is able to scan two sides of the water, it is able to find fish more effectively than a conventional sonar.

The key to side imaging fish finders is to choose one that fits your fishing style. There are many different applications for this technology. When you’re shopping for one, you’ll want to look for a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls. That way, you won’t have to spend time trying to figure out how to use it.

Side imaging fish finders can be mounted on the motor or on the side of your boat. Make sure you choose a spot where there are no objects that may hinder your view. Most of these fish finders have a limited depth range, so you will need to use a slower boat speed to make the most of the scans. However, they’re especially useful when fishing in shallow waters. They also work exceptionally well in rivers. Using a side imaging fish finder on a river means you won’t have to troll up and down each side.

Side imaging fish finders are more expensive than down scan counterparts, so the best models can cost several thousand dollars. Luckily, most devices come with a one-year warranty. Some brands, such as Lowrance, have a five-year upgrade program. Choosing the best side imaging fish finder for your needs is an important step in your fishing journey, but make sure to consider the price and the features you need before purchasing.

Another thing to consider is screen resolution. It’s important to have a high resolution screen so that you can see the images clearly. Also, a color-coded screen is useful for identifying vegetation and fish structures without looking monotonous.