side view fish finder

What to Look For in a Side View Fish Finder

There are a number of advantages to using a side view fish finder. One of the main benefits is a wider field of view compared to down imaging. In fact, side imaging uses angles of up to 180 degrees. Hence, more fish are seen, and the area covered is also wider. This feature also eliminates the need for manual tracing of sonar readings. Another benefit is that side imaging helps you see where the fish are, relative to the location of your boat. pedal kayaks fishing

A good side imaging fish finder should have a sonar recording function. It should be easy to set up, with brackets and hardware included. It should come with an instruction manual and is easy to install. You can also purchase an optional side view fish finder if you do not have the time or inclination to do so. This feature is especially important if you plan to use your fish finder on a daily basis.

Another important feature to look for is the resolution. A high resolution screen will give you clear and precise visuals, even when the sun is shining. It should also have a high IPX rating, as this indicates its water-resistant properties. The unit should be durable and long-lasting – remember, fish finders are expensive and should last you for years. The right one can make all the difference in your fishing adventures. Aside from a high-quality display, the side view fish finder will help you catch more fish!

The image quality of a side view fish finder depends on how well it is installed. The transducer should be mounted at the proper height and location on the boat. Some of them require you to move your boat around in order to install them properly. A poly mounting board is an ideal place to install the device. Poorly installed transducers can have a negative impact on the performance of your boat. So, when choosing a side view fish finder, consider the installation process.

One of the biggest advantages of side view fish finders is that they display an image of the underwater world. They can even display underwater structures. And with a wide cone and a low frequency, you can see what is below your boat. And the picture quality is much clearer. In addition, you can also choose to switch between side and down imaging. So, you can get the best of both worlds from the same device.

Although side imaging fish finders are expensive, good ones are still very affordable. Aside from the quality and price, these fish finders also come with a warranty. If you’re not satisfied with your side imaging fish finder, you can buy another one with the same features for a lower price. However, you should avoid buying a cheap model because it may not be able to deliver what you’re looking for.