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Finders Keepers Records Presents Suzanne Ciani’s Fish Music

Suzanne Ciani’s Fish Music will be released on Record Store Day. The album is an archival release of the composer’s work written for an installation at a giant American shopping mall aquarium. While the compositions don’t sound like they came directly from a marine life, it’s the closest we can come to an abstraction like that produced by the BBC Radiophonic Orchestra. fish finders on sale

Finders Keepers Records is an archival project that challenges musical history, asks questions about social politics and challenges the evolution of music technology. It’s an artifact of counter culture creativity and a benchmark for musical evolution. It also tells the story of the first woman to walk on the moon.

In addition to producing an album of Suzanne Ciani’s early works, the label has devoted itself to preserving her extensive archive. Not only did she become an influential synthesist, she was also a talented pianist. The label has continued to produce her early works, which capture her early career as a film composer.

Suzanne Ciani’s music was a pioneering voice in electronic music, and her work stood out as a rare female voice. She was a rare voice in an industry dominated by men and coldly scientific technologists. Moreover, her unpublished “non-records” vault is a testament to the creative force that she was.