the casualangler’s guide to fish finders

The Casual Angler’s Guide to Fish Finders

Fish finders are a very useful fishing tool. They help you find fish and analyze water bed structure. They can also help you target a certain area when fishing. A fish finder can help you locate fish when you’re fishing in saltwater or for reefs. west marine fish finders

Fish finders are not foolproof. You can’t use them to measure the thickness of a fish. However, you can learn to correlate fish size with their arch by using a fish finder. Remember, a longer arch does not necessarily mean a bigger fish.

Fish finders vary in price. There are a number of models that cost under $500. However, many of them can be difficult to use. Some show fish icons or archers, which can be confusing. Make sure you know what you want to see before you spend money on a fish finder.

Most fish finders come with transducers for trolling motors or transom mounts. These work with most types of boats. You can also buy transducers that attach through the hull of a boat. You can choose between plastic and bronze transducers. Make sure to read the cone angle of a fish finder to see if it’s right for your boat. The widest cone will cover a greater area. However, the wider cone will decrease sensitivity in deeper waters.