tomtom fish finders

Tomtom Fish Finders

The Garmin fish finder is a compact unit with GPS technology that is easy to use and mount on your boat. It comes with an internal 16 channel WAAS GPS receiver and an omnidirectional antenna for better performance. It also has a 256-color LCD screen with adjustable zoom levels. The Garmin fish finder is compatible with both freshwater and saltwater environments. dragonfly fish finders

The display is an essential part of any fish finder. The display shows the information collected by the transducer. Some displays are in full-color with high-resolution and refresh rates of 30 frames per second. Others use icons and other recognizable graphics for displaying the information. You may want to consider the display size before buying a fish finder.

Some fish finders come with separate transducers and head units. The transducer is attached to a suction cup, making them easy to carry. Other portable fish finders come with transducers that can attach to your fishing rod. Some of the units also have a built-in battery.