Viking Kayaks – Where to Buy in Houston

viking kayaks where to buy in houston

Are you looking for a place to purchase Viking Kayaks? If you are in the Houston area, you’ll find a large selection of these kayaks at several local businesses. If you are interested in buying a kayak for your own personal use, you should consider purchasing a used one from a store in your area. However, if you’re in the market for a brand-new kayak, you should shop for one online first.

Profish Reload

The Profish Reload is a sit-on-top kayak that features a flared bow and a touring-style hull for optimal performance. This kayak’s bow helps with lift and slicing through waves. Its hull also doesn’t bog down in rough waters. Its features make this a great sit-on-top kayak for a Houston fishing trip.

The Profish Reload is a Sit-on-Top kayak that offers maximum stability and storage. The Profish Reload features an integrated depth finder and a large tackle storage area. The Profish Reload features flush-mount rod holders for fishing rods, as well as two wells behind the seat for storing bait. The Profish Reload is perfect for a variety of paddlers.

The Reload comes with an optional Tackle Pod that can be removed for easy transport on a roof rack. The front hatch provides room for dry bags and kayak trolleys. Another great feature of the Profish Reload is its Rod Slots, which securely store fishing rods, which is perfect for coming through a surf. You can find this model in two colors: black and red. And if you live in Houston, you can always find a local Viking dealer to get one.

Aside from the Reload’s durability, the Profish has great features. The rudder, for example, is very effective in rough conditions and cuts through the waves. Likewise, the Sea Eagle kayak has a rudder, which helps you maneuver it through waves and wind. Aside from the features of the Profish Reload, this kayak is very easy to use. Its aesthetic design, excellent storage capacity, and rudder design are also important features that make it a great option for offshore kayaking.

Profish 400 Lite

If you are looking for a lightweight fishing kayak, the Viking Profish 400 Lite may be the perfect choice. This kayak is easy to paddle and comes with plenty of storage and fishing kit. There are 6 flush mounted rod holders, two on the gunnels for tackle and four on the rear for storage. The kayak also features a wood chopping board and brass inserts for mounting a finder. The cockpit and seats are ergonomic and offer plenty of leg room.

The Viking Profish 400 Lite is one of the most affordable options on the market. This kayak is 24 inches wide and comes with a 175-pound capacity. It is also easy to paddle and weighs less than 27kg. You can find Viking Profish 400 Lite where to buy in Houston and other locations. Whether you’re looking for a fishing kayak or a tandem paddle, you’ll find what you need on this boat.

You can find a Viking Profish 400 Lite where to buy online or at a Houston kayak store. Viking Kayaks is a New Zealand-based manufacturer of fishing, surf, and recreational kayaks. Their new partnership with Yak Gear makes them much easier to find in the United States. You can purchase Viking Profish 400 Lites in Yellow/Black or Grey Mist. Depending on the size and features of your chosen kayak, you can find the one that works best for you.

Reload Tackle Pod System

The Reload Tackle Pod System for Viking Kayaks includes a removable fishing pod and a large compartment for storing valuable fishing tackle. This system features a hinged lid, a fishing finder mount, and rod holders. The Tackle Pod can be locked or unlocked by simply pulling out a stainless steel pin from the kayak hull. It is also compatible with a variety of kayak accessories.

The Reload Tackle Pod System for Viking Kayaks is a world-first kayak accessory that incorporates a transducer mount and removable tackle pod. It makes loading and storing fishing gear simple and fast. The Reload Tackle Pod also allows anglers to store other essential equipment such as a GPS, compass, and fish finder. This kayak accessory is compatible with Viking Kayaks, Viking Canoes, and Hobie Cats.

The ProFish Reload from Viking Kayaks is an excellent choice for serious offshore fishing. The kayak features a hull design that is unmatched by any other big water fish ‘yak in North America. It is a plastic missile customized for offshore fishing. The lightweight design allows anglers to fish standing up and sight cast. The removable tackle pod also makes it easier to carry the kayak from the car to the water’s edge.

If you are looking for a new fishing kayak, the Viking Profish Reload is the right choice. It is fast and stable, with an easy-to-handle cockpit and recessed side handles. The Profish Reload is ideal for both touring and fishing. Its low center of gravity, wide cockpit, and large capacity make it an excellent choice for novice and experienced kayak anglers alike.

The Reload Tackle Pod System is compatible with any Reload kayak. The kayak is lightweight, with a weight of 31kg. The Reload kayak can easily be cartopped and slid onto a roof rack. With the Reload Tackle Pod System, you won’t have to worry about drilling your kayak or attaching any hardware. You can also install the system yourself, which is much easier than if you need to hire a professional.

Extended warranty

The new extended warranty for Viking Kayaks comes with several advantages, including the ability to return your new kayak for free if it is faulty within 30 days of purchase. The warranty is valid for 30 years from the date of purchase and only applies to the original owner. This warranty is transferable, but you must register your new kayak at the company’s base in Matamata, New Zealand. It does not cover the costs associated with shipping your kayak.

The hull of the Viking Profish 400 is constructed of virgin linear medium-density polyethylene (V-L-M-D-PE), which is more durable and colorfast than other materials. The hull is also made with flat chines, so it is stable in virtually all types of conditions. The extended warranty also covers repairs to any damaged parts. It is a great way to ensure that your kayak will last for a long time.

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