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Fish Finders in the West Marine Catalog

A fish finder is a helpful tool that can help you locate fish hiding in various locations. These devices use SONAR technology to determine the location of fish and provide depth information. Using a fish finder can help you save time and money by enabling you to find the best spots for fishing. A wide selection of fish finders can be found in the West Marine catalog. best fish finders with gps

Before installing a new fish finder, it is important to check that the mounting location is safe and easy. Ideally, it should be mounted at waist or shoulder level, which will provide the best viewing angle. Avoid overhead mounting locations, which force you to crane your neck, which can strain your back. It is also important to mount the fish finder so that you can tilt it or rotate it easily.

Low frequencies use wider beams and can help you find objects that are hiding in large areas. Low frequencies can also be useful for finding structures where fish hide, like rocky reefs and wrecks. Choose a fish finder that has an optimum range of frequencies. Some of the better models are multi-display, allowing you to change between multiple displays and frequencies.