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Fish Finders From West Marine

There are several different kinds of fish finders available on the market. Each one has a different set of features. Some fish finders use SONAR technology, which can pinpoint where fish are hiding. Others use a GPS system. These devices can save you a lot of time and effort. If you’re in the market for a new fish finder, West Marine has a wide selection of products. best deals on fish finders

Most fish finders use a single frequency, while others use dual or multiple frequencies. High-frequency fish finders produce the best resolution and lowest background noise. These are ideal for fast-moving boats, while low-frequency models are better for shallow water or deep-water fishing.

When selecting a fish finder, you should also consider its placement on the boat. Ideally, it should be installed in the deepest part of the boat and in an area with no obstructions. This is essential because obstructions can cause turbulence, which will degrade the performance of the fish finder.

Fish finders with CHIRP (compressed high-intensity radiated pulse) technology are able to provide a higher resolution picture of the water column and better depth information than traditional fish finders. Many fish finders offer this technology. Some can reach as much as ten thousand feet deep, while others have ranges of up to 800 feet.

Mounting your fishfinder requires some special care. First, you need to choose a location that is easy to reach from the helm. Mounting it in the right location will provide the most viewing angle and prevent neck strain. Another important step in installation is to ensure that the wires are secure.

The Lowrance fishfinder is another good choice. It offers more features than the Humminbird. It also links with your cell phone for notifications. And if you’re on a budget, a Garmin can be a good choice. Both have great products and are reasonably priced.

Some of the latest fish finders also have a touchscreen display, which makes them more convenient for use. Some are fully networked and support a vast array of data sources. You can even control your fishfinder with your phone. If you’re on a mid-sized boat, the best choice would be a fishfinder/chartplotter combo. Alternatively, you can choose a stand-alone fish finder that has GPS functionality.