What Are Curreny Design Kayaks?

what are curreny design kayaks

So, what are the different types of Curreny Design kayaks? The Breeze, Storm, Double Vision, and Solstice are just a few. Read on to find out more. Each of these kayaks has different features, pricing, and specs. Make sure to scroll down to the end of each page to see more information. Which of these is right for you? Read on for some helpful information.


The Breeze is a versatile day-tripping kayak with an up-swept bow and a fish-like shape. This boat is comfortable to paddle and handles both flat and rough water easily. The Breeze fits most paddlers with a wide range of weights and sizes. This kayak also comes with a buoyancy bag in the bow for added flotation. You can also add a rudder to make it more maneuverable in surf zones.

The Breeze is a roto-plastic boat with a rudder. The Breeze has a smooth sailing ability, excellent primary stability, good storage space, and open bow space for floats. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver out of the water. Although this kayak is not ideal for beginner paddlers, it is highly recommended for recreational touring on flat water. There are several advantages to this kayak, but a few drawbacks should be kept in mind before making your decision.


The Storm is one of the best-selling rotomolded sea kayaks available today. Built to take the abuse of long trips, it’s durable, stable, and remarkably stable for a 17-foot boat. With the Dimension Adjustable Seat Back, the Storm is a great choice for intermediate paddlers as well as those looking to expand their paddling experience. Its rugged polyethylene construction provides strength, stiffness, and impact resistance. Its recessed deck fittings make for a clean deck rigging system. Storm raises the bar for rotomolded kayaks.

The Squall is the Storm’s sister ship. It’s an affordable plastic kayak with enough room for all your gear on extended trips. You may want to look for a smaller version if you’re a little goldilocks, but this kayak is roomy enough for a mid to large-size paddler. Its hull shape is shallow and its cockpit is 29″ long, so it’s the perfect day-tripper as well.

Double Vision

The Double Vision tandem kayak is one of the most popular models of double-seated tandem kayaks. Its contemporary design mimics the most popular composite tandem with plenty of storage and foot room. Its two keyhole cockpits are made with a vacuum bagged composite hybrid layup, providing light weight, stiffness, and toughness while being incredibly affordable. These kayaks are also designed with great care and attention to detail, giving you the freedom to customize the kayak to your liking.

The Double Vision is a great choice for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Its large cockpit has enough space for a sandwich, repair kit, and other gear. It has a streamlined design and can handle small waves without feeling cramped. And because it’s made of plywood, its size and weight are more compact than large windsurfers. So it’s great for beginners and families.


If you are interested in a tandem sea kayak, the Solstice is a great option. Designed with a sleek, low-profile hull, this kayak can carry 400 pounds and is a great downwind tracker. The cockpit is easy to enter and exit, and it features a keyhole hatch that makes it convenient to use when you want to turn around. The kayak can also carry a lot of gear, making it ideal for trips both small and large.

The Solstice Rogue is a convertible kayak that can be outfitted to carry two people or one paddler. It is constructed from heavy-duty 26G K80 material and features radio-frequency welded seams for extra strength and durability. The Rogue also features a three-chamber design for added buoyancy. These three inflatable chambers help with performance. The Solstice Rogue can also be converted into a single kayak with a rear seat for extra storage.

Storm’s cockpit

The current designs Storm is one of the most well-known touring kayaks available. Its durable polyethylene construction provides superior strength, stiffness and impact resistance. The recessed deck fittings allow the owner to maintain a clean rigging system and full perimeter deck lines. While its rigidity may be a concern for some, current kayak owners have reported that the Storm has exceeded expectations. If you’re planning on purchasing a new kayak, here are a few things you should know about this popular kayak.

The cockpit of the Current Designs Storm is roomy and comfortable. Its rudder is red and the kayak can hold up to 200 pounds. The current designs Storm is a 17-foot high volume sea kayak, but it tracks and handles well for a seventeen-foot kayak. Its price makes it a good bargain. My Storm has made five trips into the BWCA, along with trips down the Mississippi and Rum rivers. I’ve paddled 65 miles around my favorite BWCA lake with it and have yet to encounter a hull issue. I highly recommend this kayak.

Storm’s stability

The Current Designs Storm is a 5.2m long, stable, and easy-to-paddle sea kayak. Its long length and shallow “V” hull makes it ideal for long expeditions and plenty of storage. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a novice, the Storm is the perfect choice for you. Its dimensions are 22″ wide and 16’6″ long, and its 29 1/2″ cockpit provides ample room for both paddler and gear.

The current model’s design is based on the Solstice family of kayaks, so it is built to take a beating. This kayak offers high volume performance, great tracking, and secure performance on a variety of types of water. At an affordable price, the Storm is a great buy for any rotomolded sea kayak enthusiast. It has already been used on five trips into the BWCA and on the Mississippi and Rum rivers. In fact, I paddled it for 65 miles around one of my favorite BWCA lakes. It has been an excellent boat for all my paddling adventures.

Storm’s stern bulkhead

The stern bulkhead on Curreny Design’s kayaks allows for a clean and secure deck rigging system. The rugged polyethylene construction provides exceptional strength and impact resistance. The recessed deck fittings help ensure a clean deck. The Storm is the ideal kayak for paddlers looking for a durable, high-performance kayak. For more information, visit the company’s website.

The storm is one of the most popular plastic sea kayaks on the market. It tracks and handles well for a 17-foot boat, and its price is very affordable. I’ve taken it on five trips into the BWCA, as well as on the Mississippi and Rum rivers. I’ve even paddled 65 miles around my favorite BWCA lake with it. It’s an amazing kayak!

Breeze’s stability

A Breeze kayak has exceptional primary stability. It also sails smoothly and has easy-to-handle characteristics, including an open bow area for floats. For recreational touring on flat water, the Breeze is a great choice. While its affordability may make it a coveted purchase for some, it’s also important to consider the quality of construction and materials. While many competing brands feature more expensive boats, the Breeze is a great value for the price.

Contemporary design kayaks emphasize stability. Not all kayaks are built equally. In fact, some are more stable than others. Modern kayak hull designs take their cues from pontoon boats, sailing catamarans, and race boats. While a traditional kayak can be stable in flat water, its design must be equally stable in choppy water to avoid capsizing. A Breeze’s secondary stability is a key feature of this design.

Double Vision’s stability

The Double Vision is an excellent tandem kayak, featuring two keyhole cockpits, vacuum bagged composite hybrid layup, and a contemporary design. This combination of lightweight weight and stiffness provides exceptional value for money. Stability is a key characteristic of contemporary kayaks. This kayak’s high center of gravity and low center of buoyancy make it one of the best tandem kayaks on the market.

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