What Are the Holes in the Bottom of the Dolphin Sun Kayaks?

what are the holes in the bottom of the dolphin sun kayaks

If you have never bought a dolphin sun kayak before, you are probably wondering about its scupper holes, tankwells, drain plug, and seat padding. Well, read on to learn more about these and other features. You may even find the answer to your question based on the comments and reviews of other people who have bought these boats. There is an easy way to determine if a particular kayak is right for you!

scupper holes

You can repair your kayak’s scupper holes with a plastic welding kit. These holes can either let water in or drain out, depending on the diameter. Smaller diameter scuppers are more likely to let water in while larger diameter ones will drain water away. When you’re planning to go out in rough water, you can remove the scupper plugs to prevent water from getting into the kayak.

If you can’t find the plugs for your scupper holes, you can easily make them yourself with some materials. One type of plastic plug is a paracord tube. It has a circular surface and is UV resistant. This plug will fit into the scupper holes on the kayak. Depending on the size and weight of the kayak, you may have to modify the scupper holes a bit.

You can also choose between sit-inside and sit-on-top models of Dolphin sun kayaks. Both styles are known for their durability, stability, and affordability. These kayaks are best suited for short excursions in calm waters. They are also best suited for small lakes or sheltered coves. The flat bottom of these kayaks makes them easy to maneuver and comfortable for beginners. The open cockpit of the sit-inside version is an added advantage.

If you’ve bought a Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS kayak, it may have scupper holes. This is because the seams of the kayak aren’t properly sealed. This will allow water to collect inside the hollow center of the kayak. To fix this problem, contact the manufacturer to ensure that you’re protected under warranty. If the hole is small, Sun Dolphin will provide you with a polyethylene repair kit that will seal the hole.


Unlike most sit-on-top kayaks, which have molded-in tankwells, the Tankwells on Dolphin Sun Kayaks can be easily removed. They come in triangular shapes and are large enough to hold small boxes or bags. However, you cannot use them for milk crates. If you plan to keep milk crates in your kayak, you should find out whether or not it is compatible with the tankwells in your kayak before you buy it.

Moreover, the design of the Tankwells in Dolphin Sun kayaks is relatively simple and doesn’t come with fancy fishing accessories. It is lightweight, which makes it easier for you to carry to the water’s edge. The Aruba 8 SS is also easy to paddle and tracks straightly. It has a secure hatch for small items and a storage compartment on the rear deck. Moreover, it also has a paddle park across the rim of the cockpit.

As for the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10, this affordable introductory model is a good choice. Its lightweight design and compact length make it easy to carry and is easy to maneuver on the water. Although it lacks comfort, it is quite stable, easy to maneuver and offers comfortable seating. The downside is that it can’t carry as much weight as its more expensive counterparts. However, it is a great buy for flat water kayaking.

In addition to tankwells in the bow and stern, the Dolphin Journey 10 sit-on-top kayaks come with rod holders. The two kayaks are similar in terms of hull design, and the tankwells and other outfitting components are similar on both models. Depending on your needs and budget, the Journey 10 and the Bali 10 might be the right choice for you. However, the Journey 10 SS may be the better choice if you’re looking for a fishing kayak.

drain plug

The drain plug for Dolphin Sun Kayaks screws into the kayak’s drainage system. This type of drain plug is compatible with the following models: Journey 10, Sun Dolphin XP, and Sun Dolphin SS. You can also use them on other models. Here are some other things to look for when buying a drain plug. Read on for more information. Let us help you get started! Listed below are some useful tips to keep your kayak in tip-top shape.

First of all, you must know what drain plugs are. There are two types: scupper plugs and drain plugs. Drain plugs are designed to keep the water out of the kayak’s cockpit. They come in various designs. Universal drain plugs are made of durable plastic. They are simple to install and remove. A drain plug for a Dolphin Sun kayak is an essential accessory to maintain the kayak’s quality.

Another essential accessory for a sun dolphin kayak is a paddle holder. This device will keep your paddles from floating away when you’re fishing. A paddle holder is a handy addition to a kayak. Without one, your paddles could easily float away, and your catch may not be as plentiful. So, you must purchase a paddle holder to keep your paddles in place. If you’ve decided to purchase a dolphin sun kayak, don’t forget to get one.

seat padding

The seats in the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS sit-in kayak are bare bones, and there’s little cushioning. But you can add custom foam padding to make it more comfortable. The Aruba 10 SS kayak also came with more comfort features, and the larger 12 SS model is even better. The Aruba 12 SS kayak comes with upgraded outfitting and a better seat padding. This kayak is perfect for one-person trips on lakes and rivers.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS is easy to customize, and the seat itself is molded plastic. You can add seat padding to the kayak yourself by cutting a custom cushion from closed-cell foam. Then you can glue the foam into the seat with contact adhesive. But be aware that this method may void your kayak’s warranty. Other seat upgrades include stadium-style folding seats and outriggers. However, you must keep in mind that adding seat padding can change the center of stability and balance.

The seat in Sun Dolphin kayaks comes with adjustable foot braces and storage compartments. These braces help you maintain the proper posture while paddling for long hours. The padded seat backs and foot braces are designed to provide comfort and support. The carry handles also make the kayak easy to transport. There are also protective thigh pads on the kayaks that can be adjusted to accommodate different lengths of legs. The hull and deck of Sun Dolphin kayaks come with a limited lifetime warranty. If you purchase one, you’ll also get a one-year warranty on all component parts.

weight limit

The Weight limit of Dolphin Sun Kayaks varies, depending on the size. Generally, these kayaks can support up to 250 pounds. The Aruba 10 kayak has a weight limit of 250 pounds. It is an excellent choice for slower moving rivers or exploring sheltered shorelines. A 10 foot kayak can easily support up to three people. Its width allows it to turn quickly, too. The Aruba 10 also has a seat that is nicely padded for comfort.

Most Sun Dolphin vessels are made from durable high-density polyethylene, and they are great for recreational trips. Sun Dolphin manufactures sit-insides and sit-on-tops to accommodate different paddling levels. The shorter versions are generally easier to maneuver and are more stable for beginners. They are also easier to transport and store as well. The weight limit is based on the weight of the paddler and all their gear.

One of the most important features of a Sun Dolphin kayak is its storage. The sun dolphin Bali SS sit-in kayak has ample storage space, including multiple compartments for food, water, and other items. The kayak also includes a P.A.C (Portable Accessory Carrier) for extra supplies. Its spacious interior makes it a great choice for solo river or lake trips. For extra storage, the kayak also features a bungee-cord-secured dry storage compartment.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 has an easy-to-add seat cushion that provides extra comfort and support. A foam garden pad is another excellent seat upgrade. If you don’t want to purchase a custom cushion for your kayak, you can buy a closed-cell foam seat cushion from a paddlesport retailer. Contact adhesive is an easy way to glue foam into the seat, but it may void the kayak’s warranty.

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